Hi there!

Welcome to my user page!

I'm user:GeekCat.

I like Pokemon, Pusheen, memes, Rage comics, Nitrome games and Adventure Time!

I also have a massive hate to MLP.

I joined Wikia on March 19, 2014 and joined the Adventure Time Wiki on June 21, 2014.

I also play Poptropica. Add me! My username is GeekCat.

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GeekCat the Cat
Name GeekCat
Gender Male
Species Cat

About Me

I am Asian, currently a student, likes drawing, and has interest in editing and chatting. My favorite color is Blue.

How I found Adventure Time

It was back in China, December 2013, where I found my older brother watching Adventure Time on a website through my family's Ipad. I joined watching with him. That time, "Root Beer Guy" was the last Adventure Time episode on the website's list. I can't really remember what was the very first episode I watched, but I did enjoy it.

However, I did not watch any episodes after that day, until April 21, 2014, where I decided to have a favourite TV show, which was Adventure Time. Coincidentally, the first brand new episode I watched was the premiere of Season 6.

My favorite pages

Pages I have created

Favourite Legendary Pokemon

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