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Hi! Welcome to my page. I am a fan of Adventure Time and hope to add content to the wiki. I will try to add pages for characters (from episodes and the comic books), locations that haven't been covered, and background objects. I would love to live in the tree house, it is by far the coolest house I've ever seen, and it would be so fun to be there. I am currently trying to bring people to the wiki, and am trying to have at least one fun, interactive contest or activity a month. So far I've created the Golden Stake Awards (the Adventure Time Oscar's), the Who Would Win Tournament (the Adventure Time Characters March Madness, although it took place in April), and the Music Hole Awards (the Adventure Time Grammy's). For a comprehensive list of contests (which happens to not be so comprehensive yet), check out the List of Contests

Pages I've Created

  1. Lord Lazertron the Third
  2. Maggee
  3. Jenny's Diner
  4. Cookie
  5. Shazbaz
  6. Pepper Grinder
  7. Fine Aged Cheddar Man
  8. Cactus Guy
  9. Piglets (Angel Face)
  10. BMO's Official Strategy Guide to Snake Eater
  11. Mountain (Abstract)
  12. Mountain Painting
  13. Wall of Water
  14. Jermaine's House (Abstract)
  15. James's Tent
  16. The Wasteland
  17. Tree House Walls
  18. Mouse Family's Alarm Clock
  19. Egyptian Cat Sarcophagus
  20. Spirit Limousine
  21. Jake's Favorite Cup
  22. Goblin Birthing Pits
  23. The Garden of the Living Fountains
  24. The Royal Game Archive
  25. The Royal Dragon Stables
  26. The Royal Bathroom
  27. The Royal Bedroom
  28. Hunson Abadeer's Kitchen
  29. Dormant Jinn
  30. Giant Poison Candy Aspirin
  31. La Femme Du La Mer
  32. Nihilism Funnies
  33. Back-To-Nature Island
  34. Hub Island
  35. Better Reality Island
  36. Founders' Island
  37. Greg (Islands)
  38. Sue (Islands)
  39. Wing
  40. Hans
  41. Becca
  42. Kulap
  43. Michel
  44. Greta
  45. Aadil
  46. Tai
  47. King
  48. William
  49. Lynda
  50. Hiram
  51. Danny Gladiolas
  52. Maryville
  53. Waffle Doll
  54. Taco Doll
  55. Ice Cream Doll
  56. Fried Chicken Doll
  57. Pizza Doll
  58. Spaghetti Doll
  59. Nacho Doll
  60. Pie Doll
  61. Muffin Dolls
  62. Cup Doll
  63. Mountain (disambiguation)
  64. Finn (disambiguation)
  65. Jake (disambiguation)
  66. Muffin Top Theater
  67. Nutty's Diner
  68. Summer Showers (play)
  69. Citizen Peanut
  70. Joshua and Margaret's Old Office
  71. Charlie's Apartment
  72. Pilgrims of the Land
  73. Kim Kil Whan's House
  74. Mr. Fox's House
  75. Graveyard Shift
  76. Macrame Owl
  77. Starchy's House
  78. Surveillance Room
  79. The Periodic Table of Candy Elements
  80. Pancake Parables: Classic Breakfast Fables
  81. Stuff Stuff Book
  82. Gross Stuff Book
  83. Girl Stuff Book
  84. Boy Stuff Book
  85. Ear Stuff Book
  86. Butt Stuff Book
  87. Creepy Stuff Book
  88. Skull Stuff Book
  89. Private Stuff Book
  90. Maybe Stuff Book
  91. Yes Stuff Book
  92. Füt Stüff Book
  93. Kitties Book
  94. Zitties Book
  95. Witties Book
  96. Mitties Book
  97. Knitties Book
  98. Fitties Book
  99. Hitties Book
  100. Jitties Book
  101. Pities Book
  102. Cities Book
  103. Calling All Curlys
  104. K.K.W Enterprises Picnicathlon
  105. Thrashland
  106. Marceline/Outfits
  107. Lady Stabsworth Z. Backwash III
  108. 8-Head Ted
  109. Allen
  110. Caramel Sally
  111. Water Lily Pad Castle
  112. Frog Seasons: Spring/Transcript
  113. Frog Seasons: Summer/Transcript
  114. Frog Seasons: Autumn/Transcript
  115. Frog Seasons: Winter/Transcript
  116. Frog Seasons: Spring (Again)/Transcript
  117. Pyramid
  118. Ooo Junkyard
  119. John
  120. Morty Rogers' House
  121. King of Ooo's Blimp
  122. Nurdle
  123. Abandoned House
  124. Colonel Candy Corn's House
  125. Der Witz Und Seine Beziehung Zum Unter Bewussten
  126. Pudding's Hardware
  127. Elise's Trailer Home
  128. Elderolio
  129. Captain Tasty's Place-mat
  130. BGCCTV Surveillance Depot
  131. The Catuambivolcusorix
  132. Have You Seen the Muffin Mess/Transcript
  133. Ghost Prince
  134. Slime Prince
  135. Hot Dog Prince
  136. Party Goddess
  137. Taffi
  138. Mochi
  139. $-Mart Investments
  140. Bad Timing/Demons[1]
  141. BMO Cake
  142. Sparkling Cider Pond
  143. Car V. Mudflap
  144. Otto V. Platesticker
  145. School Where We Teach You To Drive Like Way Better
  146. What Our Friends Really Mean When Our Friends Are Really Mean
  147. How to Make New and Better Friends! An Introduction to Robotics
  148. Revenge is a Dish Best Served Cold (With a Side of Ice Magic)
  149. Better Reality Users
  150. Suzy & Sue's Candles
  151. A City of Thieves
  152. A Slumber Party
  153. Out of the Fire
  154. Wild Animals
  155. Cruising in Lumpy Space
  156. Juke Bug
  157. Turbo Dating
  158. Plush Petting Zoo
  159. Gooey Gangsta
  160. Forced Forest
  161. Rainicorn Rodeo
  162. Secret Room
  163. Sand Castle Siege
  164. Movie Filming Time
  165. Party With The Chief
  166. Mystery Guitar
  167. Pulse Duel
  168. Slow Roast
  169. The Great Jelly Race
  170. Cow Tango
  171. Last Letter
  172. Dropdown Rainbow
  173. Go Dentist
  174. Rocky Road
  175. Summer Swamp Boogie
  176. Like a Rock
  177. Fun with Trees
  178. Stakes on a Boat
  179. Invisible Guest
  180. Moonrays
  181. Parts Unknown
  182. Brb
  183. Way Out There
  184. Pedestrian Paradise
  185. Bot or Not?
  186. To Be Spoken
  187. Blue Sky
  188. Sweet / Sour
  189. Skyhooks
  190. Sparkle Fountain Sunday
  191. Minor Changes
  192. Memory Strings
  193. Nailed It
  194. Sun Sparkles
  195. Gumspeak Lullaby
  196. A Moment to Appreciate This Moment
  197. Electric Saw
  198. Chip Dip Triple Flips Are Hip
  199. Megaman's a Sissy
  200. We're Adventure Masters
  201. Guardians of Sunshine
  202. Kompy's Kastle
  203. Dinner with Morty Rogers
  204. Super Adventure Land
  205. Plantsitters
  206. The Old Factory
  207. Sub Mission
  208. The Corridor of 1000 Deaths
  209. Holliday for Nuts
  210. Gum Party
  211. Up on Muffin Hill
  212. Slow Space
  213. Old Stump Town
  214. A Beastly Condition
  215. The Conductor
  216. Walk Into The Sun
  217. Baby Feelings
  218. Words from the Forest
  219. Hiking Across Heartbreak
  220. Frogiven
  221. Grey
  222. Nervous Flamez
  223. That Red Hot Dame Lorraine
  224. Cooking Is Fun
  225. Big Time
  226. Adventure Friends
  227. Real Heroes
  228. Attack of the Candy Cannibals
  229. Hairrevelation
  230. Brick by Brick
  231. Oh What a Good Boy Am I
  232. Vamp Vamp
  233. Low G Rap Battle
  234. Hardcore Will Never Digest - Original Teddybear Mix
  235. Wish Upon a String
  236. Thinking of Butts
  237. Ghost Buddy
  238. Goblin City Shuffle
  239. On the Tail
  240. Soy People
  241. Really Big Sweaters
  242. Give Me Tears
  243. Club in the Clouds
  244. Miniature Dancing Cats
  245. Don't Tell Dad
  246. Getting a Call in the Woods
  247. When a Brave Soldier Claps
  248. Modern Comforts
  249. Space Transit
  250. Hard Skipping
  251. Werk Dat Belly
  252. Big Boy Coconuts
  253. To Howl and To Hug
  254. Her Lovelorn Lumpy Majesty
  255. No Wonder I <3 Chicago
  256. SK82SML8
  257. Universal is Small
  258. The Elastic Cavalry
  259. They Set You Free
  260. Falling Isn't so Bad
  261. Surfing on Brain Waves
  262. Rekindlemints
  263. He Just Doesn't Thaw
  264. When It Rains Celestial Truths
  265. Night Picnic
  266. So So Spice
  267. Looking Out From a Puddle
  268. Low G Lurch
  269. Trapped with the Spirits
  270. Penguin Printers
  271. Tales From Beyond
  272. Esophagus Rex
  273. Slipping Pieces
  274. This Funny Thing
  275. A Little Chiptuck
  276. A New Dimension
  277. Bear Rave
  278. Dance Dance Dance
  279. Dance Magic Dance
  280. Easy Tarts
  281. Honey Bunny
  282. Hunger Pain Action
  283. Old Cold Footage (Outtake)
  284. Out of School
  285. Kill the Frog
  286. Potion People
  287. Rave The Day
  288. The Why Things Work
  289. Love at First Bite
  290. Sand Skulls
  291. Space Bubbles
  292. The Gr8 Bit Escape
  293. Vanilla Training
  294. Cute Little Dog
  295. Climb Time
  296. A Bad Omen
  297. War Chant
  298. Mind Matters
  299. Gum Shoes
  300. Kingdom Gum
  301. In Our Minds
  302. Nightmare Hangover
  303. March on the Monsters
  304. Nothing Was Real
  305. Drooly Dread
  306. Bubbling
  307. Last Defense
  308. Out of Home
  309. Sun Cycles
  310. Clouds
  311. Distortion Dirge
  312. Tragedy of Jake
  313. Hisser
  314. Building a City
  315. Welcome to the Glass Kingdom
  316. Glassboy Meets the Dragon Larvo
  317. Glassboy on the Run
  318. Marceline and Princess Bubblegum Domestic Bliss
  319. I'm Too Old to Die
  320. Marceline and Princess Bubblegum Visit the Glass Kingdom
  321. Marceline Breaks into the Glass Kingdom
  322. Marceline Appears Victorious
  323. Young Marceline
  324. Princess Bubblegum Discovery During a Glassassin Attack
  325. Marceline Returns to Her Bunker
  326. Plan to Defeat Larvo
  327. Marceline's Reckoning
  328. It's Me Glassboy!
  329. Larvo Strikes
  330. This Thing Really Hates Me
  331. I Love You, OK!
  332. Simon to the Rescue
  333. My True Friend
  334. Season 6 Basil Twist Episode

My Top 10 Fav Episodes (in order)

  1. Jermaine
  2. I Remember You
  3. We Fixed a Truck
  4. Blank-Eyed Girl
  5. Food Chain
  6. Shh!
  7. Princess Cookie
  8. The Creeps
  9. Rainy Day Daydream
  10. Jake The Brick

My Favorite Background Tracks

  • Electric Saw ily sm
  • Give Me Tears - love that half of it is some random unused opera, but I love the second half better
  • Gum Party - kids who grew up on this show know this one from the bumper at the end of every episode:

Come along with me to a cliff under a tre-BRRRRR FREDERATOR-this party is so awesome

Other Shows I Recommend

Regular Show

If you're looking for another long-running Cartoon Network show, look no further. This show, which commonly aired back-to-back with Adventure Time, helped save the channel after the terrible CN Real era. It follows two slackers in their 20's, Mordecai and Rigby, working at a park with an assortment of characters; Benson, the temperamental and overworked gumball machine boss, Skips, the immortal, serious, and helpful yeti, Pops, the elderly and dainty lollipop (who is also the son of the owner of the park), Muscle Man, the obnoxious but hilarious green man, and High Five Ghost, Muscle Man's more likeable sidekick. Every episode starts out with Mordecai and Rigby trying to take the easy way out, which leads to crazy hijinx. This is a really great cartoon, and I highly recommend it.

My progress:
Episodes: All caught up
Shorts: All caught up
Comics/books: Issue 19[2], Graphic Novel #1 "Hydration" and #2 "Noir Means Noir, Buddy", Adventure Time/Regular Show (read all), and "The Art of Regular Show"

Favorite/Least Favorite Episode:
Favorite: For some reason I really love "Take The Cake," but my favorite is split between "Fuzzy Dice" and "Death Bear"
Least Favorite: "Cat Videos" is horrendous

My Season Rankings (from best to worst):
4 > 3 > 5 > 2 > 6 > 1 > 8 > 7

Close Enough

Imagine if the staff of regular show made an adult-animated show on HBOmax; that's Close Enough. This sister show of Regular Show gives us what RS could have been in an adult setting. We see Josh and Emily, a married couple in their 30's, raising their toddler daughter, Candace (voiced by Jessica DiCicco, the voice of Flame Princess). They live in an apartment with Bridgette and Alex, a divorced couple, and share the duplex with the landlord, Pearle, a retired cop, and her adopted son Randy, a shirtless handyman. This show shares a similar episode formula with regular show, but from the perspective of aging adults, trying to figure out parenthood. It's an adult show, but is never excessively grotesque or sexual, like many adult-animated shows. It is just such a great show, and a third season has been greenlit. If you liked Regular Show (or even if you never watched it), I bet you'll love this show.

My progress:
Episodes: All caught up

Favorite/Least Favorite Episode:
Favorite: Hard to pick, but I really like "Man Up" and "Time Hooch"
Least Favorite: Not a big fan of "Golden Gamer"

My Season Rankings (from best to worst):
2 > 1


This cartoon is the encapsulation of childhood. It follows Clarence, an optimistic boy, and his friends Jeff, who is uptight and smart, and Sumo, who is practically the opposite of Jeff. Each episode is very, well, episodic to say the least. A different idea for each, and it's just super fun to watch. It even gets a 2-part water balloon war special, and an amazing 6-part storm miniseries; this show did get a great run. Although it only got 3 seasons, it still got 130 episodes, and lasted 4 years. It has a little bit of a slow start, but it starts to get great around halfway through the first season, and stays that way for the rest of its rub. With an assortment of wacky characters, a unique visual style, and some excellent comedy, this is a must-watch.

My progress:
Episodes: All caught up
Shorts: All caught up
Comics/books: Not yet read

Favorite/Least Favorite Episode:
Favorite: This is a tough one, but I would have to say "Pizza Hero" or the entirety of the "Clarence's Stormy Sleepover Special" miniseries (don't you dare make me only choose one!)
Least Favorite: "Plant Daddies" isn't very good

My Season Rankings (from best to worst):
2 > 3 > 1

Bojack Horseman

Okay, you have got to watch this show! This adult-animated show has all 6 seasons on netflix, and is for sure a MUST-WATCH. It follows the titular character, a washed-up and depressed 90's sitcom star (who is a humanoid horse), working his way through life with Princess Carolyn, his ex-girlfriend and determined agent (who is also a pink humanoid cat), his ghost-writer and best friend, Diane Nguyen, who is married to Mr Peanutbutter, the annoyingly happy golden humanoid golden retriever who starred in a rip-off of Bojack's show, and Todd Chavez, the wacky and cheerful millennial who stays on Bojack's couch. The first season isn't the best, but the show starts to get great in the second, and is phenomenal by the third. It's really hard to define this show; I guess it's kind of a comedy, but it also gets really depressing sometimes. But nevertheless, you HAVE TO WATCH THIS SHOW RIGHT NOW!!!

My progress:
Episodes: All caught up (I have seen the christmas special as well
Comics/books: I plan to get "The Art of Bojack Horseman" soon, but don't have it yet

Favorite/Least Favorite Episode:
Favorite: This is literally impossible. I'm a huge fan of "Mr. PeanutButter's Boos," "Surprise!," "The View From Halfway Down," and "The Old Sugarman Place," (if you couldn't tell how amazing this show was by my synopsis, I couldn't even narrow down my fav episodes to lower than 4)
Least Favorite: The pilot is definitely not that great

My Season Rankings (from best to worst):
5 > 4 > 6 > 3 > 2 > 1

Jane the Virgin

This is one of the greatest shows I have ever seen. Now, don't let the title be a turn-off; as long as you can watch a TV-14 show, then this won't be anything overly sexual. It follows Jane, a 23-year-old virgin, who is very intelligent and kind-hearted. She gets accidentally artificially inseminated (long story), which sets off this wonderful show. She lives with her mother, Xiomara, who had gotten pregnant at 16, and is now trying to pursue a singing career, and her grandmother, Alba, a very religious widowed woman who immigrated from Venezuela at a young age. We also meet Michael, Jane's sweet cop boyfriend of 2 years, Rafael, the father of Jane's baby and a former playboy, who's married to petra, a gold-digger with a TON of character depth and complexity from the Czech Republic, and Rogelio, Jane's father whom she never met (and whom her mother didn't stay in contact with after being pregnant). This show, which seems like nothing more than an American telenovela, quickly becomes magical; it is essentially a romantic dramedy, with elements of magic realism in each episode. It is fantastic, and I recommend more than I could recommend any show.

My progress:
Episodes: All caught up
Books: "Snow Falling", bought but not yet read.

Favorite/Least Favorite Episode:
Favorite: "Chapter 100" is spectacular, but my favorite HAS to be "Chapter 51" (idk why I love this one sm, but it's great)
Least Favorite: "Chapter 83" is terrible, but really any episode from the !!!SLIGHT SPOILER!!! Michael-Jason plotline besides Chapters 82 and 88

My Season Rankings (from best to worst):
2 > 3 > 1 > 4 > 5

The Middle

So you probably haven't seen this show, and might not have ever even heard of it. This show ran for 9 seasons, and stayed in excellent quality the entire time. It centers around a lower class, Indiana family of five. Frankie, the mother who struggles to get her children to listen to her, is married to Mike, the quiet, Colts loving dad. They have 3 children together, Axl, the slacking teen who plays sports but struggles with grades, Sue, the optimistic young teen who always stays happy despite not being popular at all, and Brick, the quirky youngest child, who struggles with making friends (partially due to his weird quirks, like whispering and whooping). Now, these characters may not sound the most intriguing, but I think you should just watch this show, because it is one of the most underrated shows I've seen.

My progress:
Episodes: All caught up

Favorite/Least Favorite Episode:
Favorite: Super hard to choose, but I love "Escape Orson," "The Waiting Game," "Hecks at a Movie," "Hecks vs. Glossners: Final Battle," and "Heck of a Ride"
Least Favorite: I'd have to say "Pam Freakin' Staggs" but that episode gets too much hate

My Season Rankings (from best to worst):
6 > 5 > 7 > 8 > 4 > 9 > 3 > 2 > 1

Life in Pieces

Remember when I said The Middle was underrated? Ha! That's nothing compared to this. It ran for 4 seasons, and was an absolute classic despite almost nobody watching it. It is legitametely one of the funniest shows I've ever seen, and I have never met anybody who even knew it existed. It centers around the Short family, a largee and somewhat disfunctional family, and each episode has 4 Short stories (pun intended), which usually consits of one for each of the children's families, and one for the parents. The grandparents, Joan and John, had three children; their firstborn, Matt, is dating Colleen, their secondborn, Heather, who married Tim and has 3 children (Tyler, Samantha, and Sophia), and their youngest, Greg, who is married to Jen and has a baby, Lark. I highly recommend you watch this underrated gem!!

Mr progress:
Episodes: All caught up

I can't really pick a favorite or least favorite, because the way the episode are (4 shorts) makes it hard to think of each episode as a whole. I know the the season 2 finale is great, and my least fav is probably something from season 4.

My Season Rankings (from best to worst):
2 > 1 > 3 > 4

Gilmore Girls

I am a sucker for a good romantic dramedy, and this has got to be one of my favorites. It manages to be hilarious, heartwarming, dramatic, depressing, and practically every other emotion all at once. It centers around Lorelai, who had her daughter Rory when she was merely 16 years old, running away from her very rich parents to a charming little town called Stars Hollow. But now 16 years later, Rory has gotten into Chilton, and Lorelai can't afford to pay the tuition, she has to go back to her parents for help. THe parents, Emily and Richard Gilmore, agree to pay the tuition IF Lorelai and Rory agrees to have dinner with them every Friday night, keeping them a crucial part of both their lives and the show. We also meet Luke, Lorelai's trusty (grouchy) best friend who runs a diner in town. Throughout the show, we traverse through countless romantic troubles for the two (gilmore) girls, and who Rory should've ended up with is still being debated to this day! But overall, uf you want a really emotional, hilarious, overall fantastic show in your life, look no further than here.

Mr progress:
Episodes: All caught up "A Year In The Life" Specials: All caught up

Favorite/Least Favorite Episode:
Favorite: "There's the Rub" but there are so many other I would want to pick here
Least Favorite: I honestly dunno. Probably one of the first episodes of season 6, or "Fall" from AYITL

My Season Rankings (from best to worst):
3 > 4 > 5 > 2 > 1 > 6 > 7

Parks and Recreation

First of all, DO NOT say this is just a cheap copy of The Office. It definitely started out that way, but it expanded to be so much more than that, and tbh I love it way more than The Office. Here's how I see it: you know those memes that are like "straight ship for straight people, straight ship for gay people, etc." Well I like to say that The Office is a straight show for straight people, and Parks and Rec is a straight show for gay people. Anybody can like either, but I feel that Parks and Rec just fills that slot in my heart that The Office never could. But now to what the show is actually about. This is a comedy, and probably one of the funniest shows I've ever watched. It centers around Leslie, and annoyingly persistent and optomistic government bureaucrat, trying to turn a pit into a park. She is best friends with Ann, just a regular gal who's also a nurse; Ann is dating Andy (played by Chris Pratt), and although he doesn't start out like it, he is one of the funniest characters ever. Leslie works for Ron, a strict libertarian and one of the strangest (and funniest) characters ever, and she also works with Tom, a screen-addicted celebrity-obsessed annoying guy (who is still really funny), April, who is a bruting teen and my favorite character from the entire show, Donna, who doesn't get much focus but is just a really fun character, and Jerry, the pinned target of the office. As most people say, this show really starts to get good in season 3, when Chris, the exercise-obsessed hyper-optimistic superman, and Ben, the lovable nerd, are brought in. This show starts with a simple, somewhat boring plot, but don't worry, it gets far better and is becomes an excellent, incredibly perfect show.

Mr progress:
Episodes: All caught up Books: Not read/owned yet

Favorite/Least Favorite Episode:
Favorite: "Andy and April's Fancy Party" wins by a hair. So many great episodes, but I'm a sucker for April and Andy.
Least Favorite: Probably the pilot, but I also really don't like "William Henry Harrison"

My Season Rankings (from best to worst):
4 > 3 > 5 > 6 > 7 > 2 > 1

Modern Family

This show gets a lot of flack for having a really significant decline in quality, and yeah I get that. But in its prime, it was one of the most innovative and hilarious shows on television. First of all, for those of you who say that the show hasn't been good since season 4, shut 'yo mouth! Seasons 5-7 are really great, and have some of my favorite episodes. Seasons 8-11 are very bad; I don't hate them quite as much as most, but yeah, most of these episodes are terrible. This show centers around 3 families, one traditional and two untraditional. The first is Claire, Phil, and their 3 kids. Claire is just a control-freak workaholic (without actually having a job) mother, married to the goofy and constantly lighthearted father Phil. Their oldest child is Haley, who is as dumb as she is pretty. The middle child is Alex, the nerdy and lovable genius. Youngest is Luke, the often-distracted not too bright goofball. The second family if Mitch and Cam. Mitchell is possibly more of a control-freak workaholic than Claire, and works as a lawyer. Cameron is the overly emotional, southern clown (yes you heard me right, a literal clown). Together they adopted Lily, a baby from Vietnam. The third family is Jay and Gloria. Jay is the patriarch of this giant family, father to both Claire and Mitchell (their mother is a minor recurring character). He is an old coot stuck in his ways, trying to adjust to a constantly growing world. He is with his second-wife Gloria, the Colombian hothead who had a child, Manny, in her previous relationship. Manny is the boy that doesn't quite fit in with everybody else, and Jay has always wanted him to be more masculine, but comes to accept him. This show has a ton of interesting plot lines and hilarious moments, and despite a gradual decline in quality, it is worth your watch!

My progress:
Episodes: All caught up

Favorite/Least Favorite Episode:
Favorite: Hmm... probably "The Wedding" but it's really hard to choose
Least Favorite: "Stand By Your Man" is terrible and I could/would/should rant about it for hours

My Season Rankings (from best to worst):
2 > 3 > 4 > 5 > 6 > 1 > 7 > 8 > 9 > 10 > 11

Brooklyn Nine-Nine

This is a show intended for comedy and viewing pleasure, and these goals are achieved to an adequate level.

Ok, that was just a Captain Holt impression for those of you who have seen the show. But for the rest of 'ya, disregard that and just go watch this show! I remember the night I turned it on. I was bored, and I had been interested in watching it for a while, but I just hadn't until that night. I put it on, and I was instantly invested. It was just a really fun police comedy, and I watched 6 episodes in a row. Then my dad came in, watched a couple minutes in the middle of episode 7, and decided to watch it with me. It was so good, that I literally rewatched the first 6 episodes with him the very next night, and it still held up! From then on, it was just a great show, getting better and better with each season! I'd say it has a very similar pattern of progression with Parks and Rec, getting better and better, and really hitting it's stride around season 3/4. Season 5 was still great, and although it started to get not quite as good in season 6/7, it was still at a point that it was super enjoyable and funny. And what it had that Parks and Rec didn't was a REALLY STRONG first season; don't think I'm trashing on parks and rec here, it's just that this show is probably to that level of quality. The show centers around Jake Peralta, a somewhat (completely) immature cop, who's precinct just got a new boss, Captain Raymond Holt, who is nearly (completely) robotic. Jake works with Amy, the lovable dork, Charles, the maybe too-much-of-a-dork, Rosa, the incredibly private and silent "goth" (i dunno if that would be quite the word), Gina, the self-centered diva, Terry, the absolutuely ripped but gentle-hearted sargeant, and Scully and Hitchcock, just a couple fat and lazy dudes. The gang solves crimes that always manage to go wrong, and the show also deals with lots of current events (the final season will even be focusing on the BLM movement and police aggression). Overall, I highly recommend you watch this one already!

My progress:
Episodes: All caught up

Favorite/Least Favorite Episode:
Favorite: Probably "The Box," but it's so hard to choose
Least Favorite: Not a big fan of "Gintars"

My Season Rankings (from best to worst):
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Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt

This is such a charming (and underrated) show! I love Tina Fey, and this is some of her best and most underappreciated work. If you love 30 Rock, I GUARANTEE you will love this one too. They are both set in New York, have very similar scores, and very very very similar styles of comedy. Obviously, these shows have very different premisces, as one is about people working at a SNL-esque show in New York, and the other is about a women who was trapped in a bunker for 15 years, but they are both great in very similar ways. But we aren't hear to talk about 30 Rock (even though it's great), we are hear for some fudgin' Kimmy Schmidt. This show is about a bunker victim, Kimmy Schmidt, who moves to New York with a backpack full of nothing and a heart full of hope. She quickly becomes roommates with Titus, the lazy gay black diva and wanna-be broadway star. The two of them live together and get into fun shenanigans. They live under their landlord, Lillian, a classic New Yorker who's definitely a little rough around the edges. Kimmy finds a job working for Jacqueline Voorhees, a very very rich gal who goes through some tremendous character growth btw. The 4 of them go around New York trying to keep above water, while also dealing with their personal problems. This show manages to be hilarious but also has some really great representation for trauma, among other things. I really can't recommend this show enough; the first season takes a little bit to really get good, but just trust me, okay?! I am literally the bureaucrat/administrator of the Kimmy Schmidt wiki so I'm a reliable source; I am currently revamping the wiki, and if you like the show, feel free to help out!

My progress:
Episodes: All caught up

Favorite/Least Favorite Episode:
Favorite: Mine would have to be "Kimmy Does a Puzzle!," but I'm also a huge fan of the interactive special "Kimmy vs. The Reverend" which was just an all-out hilarious blast
Least Favorite: I'd say the pilot, "Kimmy Goes Outside!"

My Season Rankings (from best to worst):
3 > 2 > 1 > 4

Other Shows

Alright, so I can't give you a synopsis for every show I want to recommend, but I do think I should still list the other notable ones.

  • This Is Us[3]
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Episodes I love


  1. The page itself was created by BMOisawsome, but that was after I asked them to, and I contributed to the pages content.
  2. I have read only issue 19, but plan to eventually read them all.
  3. I'm only on season 4, so no spoilers
  4. I'm only on season 4, so no spoilers
  5. I'm only on season 3, so no spoilers
  6. I'm only on season 2, so no spoilers