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* <u>Favorite Episodes by [[Jesse Moynihan]]/[[Sam Alden]]/[[Ako Castuera]]</u>
* <u>Favorite Episodes by [[Jesse Moynihan]]/[[Sam Alden]]/[[Ako Castuera]]</u>
* ☀[[The Wild Hunt]] (Written by Sam Alden)
* ☀[[Whispers]] (Storyboarded by Sam Alden)
* ☀[[Whispers]] (Storyboarded by Sam Alden)
* ☀[[Abstract]] (Story by Jesse Moynihan)
* ☀[[Abstract]] (Story by Jesse Moynihan)

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Name MichaelFinn
Gender Male
Finn in a Cocoon
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The End and The Beginning
Finn gets his Demon Blood Sword
Finn&#039;s Grass Sword
Finn Sword
Finn Sword talks to Finn
Grass Sword Vs. Finn Sword (Long)

Grass Sword Vs. Finn Sword

Circle Cross Symbol
Celtic Cross Symbol

My favorite Seasons of Adventure Time is Seasons 4, 5, 6, 7, and beyond! These seasons are the best seasons of all time because it has Mystical things and very amazing scenes in it! I totally recommend these seasons! Make sure to check out my favorite episodes from my favorite Writers and Storyboard Artists.

One of the huge reasons why I love Adventure Time is because of the Philosophy that's in the show about Mystical and Spirituality things that's throughout the newer seasons. Here's a video contemplation about some of the most powerful philosophy in Adventure Time:

What I also love about Adventure Time is that they also put in a lot of symbolism that's mystical and part of religion which I really like too. You can see some of the symbolism that's on my page.

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Favorite Episodes (☀ Personal Favorite)

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