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  • I live in SW Florida
  • I was born on October 30
  • My occupation is I hope to become an Orthodonist some day but my dream job is to work at the Dallas creation reasearch center and study dinosaurs.
  • I am Female

  • I'm as AWSOME as this,
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  • DEFENETLY this,
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                                         HEY EVERYBODY!!!

I'm new here and I need help making my page almost as AWSOME as I am. Almost.

My favorite charecters

Princess Bubblegum


PB makes Finn depressed

I personally dislike PB and Finn, but watching how jelous she is of Flame Princess and Finn is very entertaining. There is proof in All the Little that she is jelous of Flame Princess.

I don't think that Finn should go back to PB because her rejection for him makes him so unhappy. I mean, lets face it. Adventure time wouldn't that good if Finn was deppressed all the time.

I also like reading about her relationship with Marceline (my favorite character by the way). I think she is angry that Marceline does not respect her the way others do. She propably views her as imature and wild and dislikes being around her.

I think people should stop picking on her because she has made a few mistakes. I ship FPXPB, but the Bubblegum hate is out of control. If AT charecters lived in our time with the same personalitys, she would be THE most succesful charecter.

Do not get angry over her mistaks. I think YOU would make a few mistakes if you ruled over a kingdom of exploding candy people too.

Huntress Wizard

I think this is a super cute
Huntress wizard by soullessteddybear-d5hjlh5
charecter that should make more minor apearences. Not the way she appeared in Wizard Battle where she just fought, but the way she appeared in Reigh of Gunters, where she had a few lines.

I love her visual design and I love the bow arow idea.

Lady Ranicorn

At first, I didn't really like Lady. I couldn't understand her (I mean, I DON'T HNOW KOREAN! I know Japanees but NOT KOREAN!!!) and her charecter didn't have any depth. But when she got pregnet or however you spell it I imeadiatly liked her! I can't wait to see the Corn Dogs. (Get it? Corn Dogs? LOL! I'm soooo awsome)


I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE Fionna!!!!!! I can't wait for the new Fionna and Cake episode. I think I am a lot like her in a few ways.
At real preview of bad little boy by zenzatsionen-d5ox6h0
Blonde hair in a side part, blue eyes, likes a cute dude, loves Danger with a capital D, you get the picture.

In her first episode, I loved watching her with Gumball. Unlike Finn and PB, I think they made a really cute couple. I can't quite judge her and Flame Prince, though. If what happened in Incendium and Hot to the Touch between Finn and Flame Princess happened with Fionna and Flame Prince, FIONNA'S A STALLKER! ~,_~

Lumpy Space Princess

OH MY GLOOOOOOOBBB!!!!!!!!!!! DRAMA BOLM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That is all that needs to be said.

Ice King

Ok, at first, I couldn't care less about the Ice King. Then When I found out about the crown I was like, OH MYGLOB YOU GUYS! ICE KING'S GOT HIMSELF A TOURCHERED PAST! CHICKS LIKE ME DIG TORCHERED PASTS! The poor guy isn't evel, he just needs some serious rehab!

And in Memory of a Memory, OH MY LOVE! I WAS ABOUT TO DIE FROM A FAKE HEART ATACK!!! So sad.



Ok, let me just say, FINN IS THE SECOND MOST AWSOMEST PERSON ON THE ROUND THING WE CALL EARTH!!! (Second only to MOI, wich is French for me.) I LOVE watching him fight a mental battle with himself about his romantic life. (Should I stay with Flame princess? She's so hot and a totall BAD**S! But then again, PB has thay high attractive voise...)


Jake is sooooooo funny! Here are some of my favorite Jake quotes.

No, no you do mean sexy hot!

Slime Princess, you shouldn't marry Finn. He pees his pants constently. All the time.

I keep finding baby shoes. What the heck man? And they're all lefties!

I'd rather be dancing with some babes!

Oh, man! I imagened my mom naked! Yuck!

We can rule them like Gods... Angry Gods...

And what if we turn evil? I'll have to start wearing colonge!


Flame Princess

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E LOVE LOVE LOVE everything about her! She is obstenite and awsome just like me! I love her devotion to Finn and her backround! I DON'T like all the haters she has though. She abandoned her kingdom because she was locked in a lamp!

I don't think she is evil, though. I think she was just raised by evil, but is good on the inside. : )

Taylor Swift

Ok, I know this has NOTHING WHAT SO EVER to do with Adventure Time, but I just really like her. SQEEEEEE!


My favorite charecter EVER!!! I love her desire to mess with Finn in the begining of the seris.

I practically cried when I found out about her relationship with the Ice King! Just thinking about it makes me wana cry. It adds a lot of depth to her charecter thus making her more interesting.

I LOVE LOVE LOVE her secret relationship with Bubblegum too. I don't think it romantic, though. Have we forgoten that they've both dated a boy? Marcy ash and PB Old Mr. CreamPuff?

I like her visuall design too. (She is so much fun to draw anime form!)

Facts about me

I always wear a party hat because I'm allways ready to party.(WWWHHHOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!)

My favorite color is teal, light green and pink.

I love studieing dinosaurs. (I even made a little map that shows where dinosaurs were found on the planet!)

I am the most awsomest person on Earth, Mars, Venus, Neptune and Pluto. But not Urainis, cuz that would be gross. (BLEGH!)

I am writing a book.

I hide under my covers with a mini flashlight lisining to Taylor Swift while drawing  people from the book I am writing and Adventure Time chareters anime style.

I want to be an Artist when I grow up so I can stay in bed all day in my fav Pjs and and draw in a sketch book.

I am 12 years old.

I have been playing the violin for seven years and Principle Second in my orchestra.

I have been playing Piano for three years.

I have been playing Guitar for three months.

I used to take Judo. (Hyah!)

I used to take Karate. (Hyah!)

I used to take Boxing. (Hyah!)

I used to take Brazilian Jujitsu. (Hyah!)

I used to take Irish Step Dancing.

I used to take Ballet. (Hyah!)

I used to take Jazz.

I am an American Heritage Girl.

I have read over 600 books and the most recent ones have been collage level.

I am Homeschooled.

I HATE HATE HATE people who are vain.

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