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So basically I haven't been on here for the past two years but I might return stay tuned.

If you want to have a taste of my immature 13-14-year-old self here you go.

This user is so epic he even needs his own template.

Welcome Traveller.

Arstotzka welcomes you.

Marshmallow Rainbow kindofside

I don't have much time to post things about myself...

But here's a picture of a Marshmallow I made...

옷옷옷옷옷옷옷 <-- Stickmen living on my page.

Do not use this photo... It is copyrighted by me...

A Little Bit About Me

Hi! I'm M0T0RB1K3, but you can call me Motor, or Bike, or Kano (because he's a kickass character), or whatever you want. I am a big fan of Adventure Time ever since the start of Season 5, but I'm also a fan of Hetalia and KagePro. Peace yo!

Oh right, and I'm also the kissing buddy and wife of Cadoxinus and waifu x4 of ASBNF.

NEW STUFF ABOUT ME BECAUSE I LEFT THIS WIKI AND I HAVE NO IDEA HOW TO FORMAT AND STUFF!!! (I mean, seriously, this new edit page thingy, how do I center this?)

So yeah, I left the wiki and stuff happened, then Gaz messaged me suddenly and I'm kinda back. Well now I no longer watch that much anime and I'm into superheroes now. So yeah, my favorite superhero is Kyle Rayner, the White Lantern, from DC and my second favorite superhero is Nova (Richard Rider), from Marvel. But yeah, that's basically it.


  • Everyone. Seriously? Does there have to be a list?


  • Gaz, whom I own.

  • Finn/ASBNF, my husbando x4.

  • Cadox, my husband and kissing buddy.

  • Cara, my new and renowned friend.

  • Bro, whom I am.

Favorite Episodes

  1. "Holly Jolly Secrets Part I" and "Holly Jolly Secrets Part II" - These episodes were great, they provided the right amount of drama, the right amount of comedy, and the right amount of action.

  1. "Reign of Gunters" - The perspective from Gunter is brilliant, I would like to see more things about him :) Especially his dark side.

  1. "What Was Missing" - A terrific episode focused about friendship.

Derp out.

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