Lil Jon, the crunk god

aka your worst nightmare ;)

  • I live in a house
  • My occupation is to live life
  • I am a lie
Cool songs. I'm really into music, so if you want I can curate a playlist for you

No Church in the Wild, by Kanye West & Jay Z ft. Frank Ocean. 0 0pxv/FJt7gNi3Nr4$3 Supernova, by Mr Hudson ft. Kanye West. 0 0pxv/UkZt7tZl2AE$3 The Diary of Jane, by Breaking Benjamin. 0 0pxv/AiBG6vuLrzY$3 Time to Pretend, by MGMT.

0 0pxv/B9dSYgd5Elk$3
About me
Hi. I'm a normal user here who likes AT. I am very active on the Epic Rap Battles of History Wiki and the Hot 100 Wiki (where I am an admin) and somewhat active here. You should look at my profile there, it's more detailed.

Things I like:

  • Movies
  • Music
  • Adventure Time
  • etc.
S5 E47 - CB and FP This user supports Cinnamon Bun x Flame Princess.

Princess Bubblegum This user used to like Princess Bubblegum, but now hates her.

205px-Marceline in Another Casual Outfit This user likes Marceline.

BMO This user likes BMO.

Jake This user likes Jake.

Shoko This user likes Shoko, and The Vault is one of his favorite episodes.

Finn This user likes Finn.

Lumpy Space This user likes Lumpy Space Princess.

Friends and cool people (this will expand as I visit the wiki more)
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