aka Elite

  • I was born on April 19
  • I am Male


Minecraft is my favorite thing ever. I like to make builds, but i like playing server mini-games more. I have a youtube channel, called JosephTheElite, and i do Minecraft stuff on it. I want to expand to more things than Minecraft in the future.

  • My greatest creation ever, a giant jail.
  • My first and only pixel art.
  • My current skin.

Adventure Time

Adventure time is my 2nd favorite thing. I like to edit the stub pages on this wiki. Pages I've created


  • To get 1,000 edits on the wiki - Achieved
  • To get the amount of stub pages under 200 - Achieved
  • To create 5 wiki pages - Incomplete
  • To get the amount of articles without images under 10 - Incomplete
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