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Hi, I'm Joseph416. You can just call me Joe. I'm 13 years old, and started to like Adventure Time around the 2nd season. I like finding the snail in Adventure Time episodes.

In real life, I tend to say "Mathematical!" or "Rhombus!" to exclaim on a situation.

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This user believes you're not a genius.

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Adventure Time stuff I have

  • Finn's hat
  • ice king 5-inch
  • strechy ice king and ricardio figurine

Times I found the Snail

  • Found the Snail in "Wizard Battle," but someone beat me to it before I could add it to the wiki.
  • Found and added it to the wiki when I found it in "What was missing." (On Marceline's stove, on the handle of a pot/pan)
  • Found it in the "Beautopia" preview on YouTube (on the back of a chair)
  • Found the snail in "Holly Jolly Secrets Part II" (preview)

Favorite Adventure Time quotes

  • "I'm Randy Butternubs."
  • "Finn! And Jake! And a bunch of butterflies! And a sword!"
  • "Proccessing...DATA...!" *poops pictures*


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Pages I've created

-City Heart

-Pick-Axe Hand

-Ghost Lady


-Small Snow Golem

-Lumpy Space Robber

-That Guy in Xmas Sweater

-Jam Jam

-Fire Kingdom Jester

I'm sure I've added a few more than that, but I forget things easily. I'll add to this list if I ever remember.

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