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Hello, people. My name is icanhascheezeburger (Natasha Jones) and I've been watching AT for about a month now. I'm an ameteur artist so if you ask I'll do a commission for you on Microsoft Paint - I can do quite a lot with the limited tools I have.

Me and Adventure Time

Favourite characters:

  • Bubblegum - Brushed off by most new viewers as a general "cliche love interest" (which is what FP is right now)and "girly damsel in distress", Princess Bubblegum's logical scientific personality is surprisingly pleasent to say the least. However, if something drives you to delve deeper into her character, prepare for the analysis of a lifetime. I have NEVER had so much FUN analysing a character. I've written essays on her that extend past those I've written for topics I've studied in SCHOOL FOR MY GCSE EXAMS. Basically, if there was a PB GCSE I'd pass with an A (Not an A* though - I'm not Andy Ristaino). THAT'S HOW DEEP SHE IS. Pragmatism is the key here. Also acute insanity and emotional alienation. http://adventuretitan.tumblr.com/post/32003965436/the-best-developed-adventure-time-characters-part-1
  • Finn - OH MY GOD HE IS SO ADORABLE! Who couldn't love him? He's relatable and realistic. He's our protagonist who has become really well-developed by this point.
  • Ice King - Simon is Simon. I shouldn't have to justify why he is one of my favourite characters. His character is extremely deep, his past is tragic. I've had great fun discussing this one.
  • Earl of Lemongrab - Thanks to LittleGhostPrankster my perspective on Lemongrab changed from apathetic to sympathetic long before You Made Me came along. It's the thing when you're debating with a PB hater - you start to see their perspective on things. Now, luckily LGP isn't a PB hater anymore but I like Lemongrab a lot more than I used to and HE EVEN MAKES MY TOP 5 LIST BECAUSE OF HIS COMPLEXITY!
  • Marceline - My interest in Marceline has dropped HUGELY since my fangirlism of her when I started watching, mostly because I've been far more interested in PB since the "Princess Cookie" hate started and began to find Marceline's personality relatively boring, and then more eps with IK and Finn development aired and I just lost all care. But Marceline is still in my top 5 - she's the RADICAL DAME! SHE'S ONE HALF OF BUBBLINE! SHE HAS AN INFERIORITY COMPLEX! SHE LOVES MUSIC! SHE'S FLAWED! SHE'S EVEN SEXY! I LOVE THESE TRAITS!

Least favourite characters: I actually love them all. But if forced to pick I'd have to choose:

  • Marshall Lee - WAY too overrated and has had the least impact on the show, hasn't proven anything to anyone, can't really call a character, so here he goes. Prove me wrong in your own episode, Marshall, and then you may be taken from this list. But for now I can't understand how people can like you more than Marceline, the real deal.
  • Ash - Abusive boyfriend FTL. Who knows what else he did to her? He seemed like a drug-addict to me. Selling teddybears for a wand, which he used to sting Marcie's finger and insult her. Utter prick.
  • Pedo-gnomes from "Power Animal" - Those gnomes... those gnomes... were just too creepy...

Favourite episodes:

  • "What Was Missing"
  • "Henchman"
  • "Goliad"
  • "The Real You"
  • "Wizard Battle" (KITTY FINN!)
  • "Memory of a Memory"
  • "Holly Jolly Secrets part 2"
  • "Princess Cookie"
  • "Gotcha"
  • "Too Young"
  • "Mortal Folly"
  • "Tree Trunks"
  • "Jake vs. Me-Mow"

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