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It's me, Super Hyper Cutie Pie! But you can call me "CP." And you should. Unless you wanna call me "Nigel," cause I'm fine with that too. Same goes for calling me "Seap" if "CP" makes you uncomfortable. This here page is a page all about me. Read ahead if you are like, hyperbored! also if you're wondering my friend code is 5257-8870-5551

Who am I?

Uhm well let's see... I like to faff about and be a goof!! And y'know, that's really all you'd wanna know about me. At least, all that isn't in the section below.

Things I Like!!

I like really like food. I mean I really like food. Sweet food, hot food, cold food, spicy salamanders, burple nurples, potato knishes. But not mashed potatoes. naaaaw.

I like aminals. Kitties or Doggies? Doggies. But I still love kitties. Y'know, actually, maybe kittes are my favorite. nowait... ahgeez, whatever.

Anime, although I've never actually seen any...

Top 10 animated shows in no particular order go!

Adventure Time!


Gravity Falls!

The Simpsons!

Rick and Morty!

Steven Universe!

Regular Show!

Over the Garden Wall!

Wander Over Yonder!

The Amazing World of Gumball!

The colour orange. Yes. Yellow's cool, too.

Drawing! Look at my (f)ART GALLERY!