aka His Lowness, Lord Abadeer

  • I live in The Nightosphere
  • I was born on June 6
  • My occupation is Lord of Evil
  • I am going to suck your soul

Greetings obnoxious flesh-tubes! My name is Hunson Abadeer. In case you have been living inside a long-lost sock at the bottom of a bottomless pit for the past few eons or so and have not heard of me, I will take this opportunity to introduce myself to your pitiful soul (which I will suck out in the near future). During my reign as Supreme Ruler of the Nightosphere for countless lunar cycles I have acquired many titles. I will now enlighten you, pathetic soul sack, with just a sample of them...

Lord of Evil
His Lowness
The Nameless One (I came up with this one myself in order to render the Junk Mail of Eternity undeliverable to me, hence illustrating the idiocy of the despicably naive inhabitants of Ooo since I obviously have a plethora of Names)
Conduit for the Radiant Brilliance of Evil
Supreme Arbiter of Evil
The Eye of Evil
Imperator of the Entire Nightosphere Kingdom
Emcee of the Empty Karaoke Stage of Utter Oblivion
Source of All Evil
Pontifex Maximus of the Collegium Pontificum of the Nightospherium
Emporer of the Eternally Evil Elongated Electric Eel Engineers
King of Schwing
Johnny Corndog (Don't ask... I used to be a Carny Boss)
PGA of the Nightosphere "Grand Champion" (IN YOUR FACE PEPPERMINT BUTLER!!!) *ahem*
Malevolent Midnight Munchie Master
Keeper of the Festivus Pole
Hater of Bananas
Kopf von Die Eier Von Satan
...and many others which I may someday grace your puny mind with.

Well, if you survived the suffering that preceded, you must be a Demon Spy inhabiting some lowly form of life on this Material Plane. I will confide in you, O Demon Spy, what the purpose of my presence is here. I currently possess a ridiculous human in this bizarre dimension the inhabitants refer to as "reality" to expound the boundless Knowledge and Glory of the Nightosphere as far as Demonly possible. The current gore-bag I inhabit is in fact a thirty-five year old man who is obsessed with the Land of Ooo and its connections to the Multiverse. The fact that he is so into it made it exceedingly easy for me to take control of his feeble mind. He also has a sickeningly cute, wretched offspring aged five years old that shares, and sometimes exceeds, his father's obsession. It pains me to say this, but I actually like the kid. Perhaps I will spare his soul during the inevitable invasion of his worthless cosmos.

Anyhow, on this evolving tome they colloquially call a "wiki", I enjoy sharing my Boundless Knowledge of Thrice-Cursed Trivia and making irreverent comments on their pitiful diaries that they call "blogs". I plan to continue until I grow weary of this minutiae, or until My Grand Demon Legions are finally prepared to overrun their sloppy, dusty corner of the Multiverse, which should be any eon now... They are a bit slow to mobilize and aren't the brightest crayons in the box.

Fare thee well for now Demon Spy, and may all your Evil Endeavors be fruitful!

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