aka Adam Fuhrman

  • I live in Los Angeles, CA
  • I was born on January 30
  • My occupation is I'm a hardcore Adventure Time Fan. I have sktechbooks filled with Adventure Time drawings. I've been a fan since 2011 in season 3 and always will be.
  • I am Male

As a hardcore Adventure Time fan I vow to stays on this wiki and continue to make edits and post/contribute to discussions into the far future. 

My Favorite Adventure Time Characters - Finn & Jake are fantastic duo but the favorite characters are Ice King, Lumpy Space Princess & Lemongrab

My Favorite Season: Season 6 (The Comet, Orgalorg, Martin, the King of Ooo.) 

My Favoritie Title Card: King Worm

My Favorite Mini-series: Islands 

My Favorite Episodes: Can't narrow it down to one so I'm listing my top ten.

10.) The Monster

9.) Min and Marty

8. The Lich

7. Too Young

6. The Hall of Egress

5. Hot Diggity Doom/The Comet

4. Finn the Human/Jake the Dog

3. Wake Up/Escape from the Citadel

2. The Enchiridion!

1. Mortal Foll/Mortal Recoil

Honorable Mentions: Slumber Party Panic & Come Along With Me 

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