aka Thats flamb to you

  • I live in a house made of mattresses
  • I was born on May 24
  • My occupation is being a llama and spitting on peoples faces
  • I am a certain sparkly warlock


Hey there

Becca, Gazi, Wally and Itz are my baes.

i also have a man crush on Will Herondale

Flamboicon About Me

Hey guys, Flambo5 here. I am also called Sam, flambo, flams, flamb, flambi and F5. I am married to Gazi (Gazerkids) and also Becca Wify (HomeoRomeo) and my cousins are Flambo the Epic and Beemo! I officially own Kaleb Durrendon! Feel free to chat to me on my talk page. Ily all.

250px-Flambo by d4v1n5-d5n1fv1 I am your god. Now get me a taco! Flamboicon </div>

I just really like pizza.

Flamboicon Homies List (not in order)

Gazerkids (GAZI XXX (hug) LUV YA <3)

Minichurro5 (cool guy)

HomeoRomeo (ily secretly shush)

Yogurt Spill (YOGI! hehe)

ITzAwesomeSauce (*Cuddles tail* <3)

Beemo (!Cousin!)

Kaleb Durrendon (puppy eyes ;) )

Flambo The Epic Epic(; (other cousin)

Flan-Chan Scarlet (draws nice pics)

BillStef ( a cool guy)

The lego mind (my asian twin)

Homocat (<333333 meow i luf him so much)

RoseSweets (ROSSSEEEE)

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Flamboicon Favourite Stuff

Food- Anything edible

Movie- Perks of being a wallflower


AT episode- Marcelines Closet

People on chat- Everyone, also Gazi-wify, Itz- tail hugger,               Wally- just<333, Kaleb- whom i own.

Place to travel to- South Africa, New Zealand

Oh and another thing....

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Nacho's are life.

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