Fionna The Human (anime)

aka Fionna

  • I live in The Land Of Ooo
  • I was born on April 26
  • My occupation is Adventurer, Heronie
  • I am Mathmatical¬†!!!
  • Hi There Everyone, My name is Fionna The Human (anime) also known as Fionna, i am as you all know Finn The Humans Counter Part But I will asure You that i am Very real. Not just one of the characters in The Ice Kings Fan Fic... - . -

This is me and my Best Freind ... Cake :)

  • You can Leave Me A message On my Talk Page if anyone needs rescuing. Or if theres Any Mathmatical Quests For Me to Venture On.... ^ .^

  • please dont, respond to Spam... Comments to my blog post are always apreciated . Followers needed >.<


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