aka FnJ

  • I live in The Land of Ooo
  • I was born on August 20
  • My occupation is Adventurer and Inventor
  • I am a Human
S4e14 BMO with skateboard
I love Video Games and Skateboarding
Name Finn&JakeHero425
Gender Female
Relatives AwesomeAdventureTimes1 (real life BFF)
Occupation Teenaged Slave
Age As old as the stinky cheese in your refrigerator drawer
Fun Fact I believe the Berenstein/Berenstain Bears theory could be possible
Fun Fact It is my goal to find A113 in all Pixar™ movies
Fun Fact I asked for the (sciencedance) emote to be created
Birthday August 20
Click Here For Most Hilarious Vid Ever!

Hi, person! I am Finn&JakeHero425 but my friends call me F&J, Hero or FJ. Here's some info about myself:

Favorite colors (in order): Green, Yellow, Blue, Orange

Favorite TV shows: Adventure Time(obviously), Regular Show, Gravity Falls, The Amazing World of Gumball, Steven Universe, Wander Over Yonder, Star vs The Forces of Evil, Star Wars Rebels, The 7D, Foster's Home For Imaginary Friends, CatDog, Murdoch Mysteries, Supergirl, The Flash, Arrow, DC's Legends of Tomorrow, Boy Meets World(it's old) and Girl Meets World(see previous)

Favorite movies: The Maze Runner, Harry Potter, Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, The Hobbit, Back to the Future, The Matrix, Ghostbusters, The Da Vinci Vode, Jurassic Park and Big

Favorite Pixar™ movies: Pretty much all of them except Frozen, but especially Toy Story

Favorite music genres: (from favorite to least favorite) Pop rock, Pop, Alternative Rock, Indie, Hard Rock, Punk, Rap, Disco

Favorite bands: twenty one pilots, Panic! At The Disco, Fall Out Boy, Green Day, AC/DC, Make Out Monday

Favorite songs: (other than from the above bands) Lost Boy, Ex's and Oh's, Stompa, Riptide, Hall of Fame, Prayer In C, Thriller, Footloose, Wake Me Up Before You Go Go, We Built This City, Eye of The Tiger, Rock Me Amadeus, Alphabet Aerobics

Favorite videogames: Minecraft, Tomb Raider Trilogy, Killzone, Sonic Unleashed, Star Wars Battlefront, Minecraft Story Mode, Adventure Time: Finn and Jake Investigations, Adventure Time: EXPLORE THE DUNGEON BECAUSE I DON'T KNOW! and Little Big Planet

Favorite dessert: Cake (not the cat of course!)


I like to dance in random people's houses

Fun Facts About Myself

I have a pet dwarf rabbit named Yoda.

I am looking forward to the Adventure Time Movie.

Llamas with Hats 1-12 The Complete Series

Llamas with Hats 1-12 The Complete Series


My favorite episodes

(in no specific order)

1. Lady Rainicorn of the Crystal Dimension

2. Memory of a Memory

3. What Was Missing

4. James Baxter the Horse

5. Video Makers

6. BMO Lost

7. Jake the Dog

8. Finn the Human (episode)

9. Simon and Marcy

10. Food Chain

11. The Dark Cloud

12. I Am a Sword

My Favorite Adventure Time Songs

(in no specific order)

1. BMO's Pregnant Song

2. Fry Song

3. Baby Finn Song

4. I'm Just Your Problem

5. My Best Friends in the World

6. Bacon Pancakes

7. Friends

8. Food Chain (song)

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