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It may be an after-effect of the fallout from the Mushroom War that many creatures developed a taste for human flesh, or that it is just delicious.

Mentions of delicious flesh

  • In "Slumber Party Panic," Starchie is brought back to life, but tries to eat Finn's leg. Finn tells him he is not a zombie, but Starchie says "I can't help it, flesh is delicious."
  • In "Death in Bloom," every skeleton in the underworld tries to rip the flesh off Finn and Jake, and eat it. Later in that same episode, Peppermint Butler says that in exchange for taking them to the underworld, he wants their flesh. When they take it as a joke, Peppermint Butler says he will take it from them in their sleep.
  • In "Her Parents," Lady Rainicorn's parents try to eat Finn because human is apparently a delicacy. Jake wouldn't let them so they wound up eating soy people instead which is supposed to be just as good as human flesh.
  • In "Dungeon," Finn is captured by a Guardian Angel who intends to cook him and eat his flesh.

Known flesh-eaters