aka Chrnan

  • I live in a small cave near the Lich's lair.
  • I was born on November 11
  • My occupation is sitting around saving up birthday and Christmas money. Seriously, I've gained like $600 from it.
  • I am

I am teh Chrnan. I am an immature but intelligent being who is in a serious relationship with Nutella breakfast spread.

My favorite pages

  • Finn  <<< I have seen every episode start to end. I remember things. Finn is the most seen character on the show. I like fun facts. Finish the puzzle.
  • Too Young <<< Such romance. Much cute. :3
  • I really have no other favorite page. I don't like any other page than any other. Except those two. Please move on.

Favorite Pics

Please enjoy this collection of my favorite AT pictures and what not. I did not make any of these pics.

Marceline with axe bass
this was really hard to format.
S5e6 BMO w bread jumping on Finns belly

S1e16 Finn afraid of the ocean

S1e7 Finn doing Science Dance


S5e32 baby FP

S2e15 PB making Phil face

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