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Name Chloe
Gender Female
Age 20
Country Britain
Birthday November 10, 2000
First joined 2012
Second time joining May 15, 2017
My favourite mini series episodes "Winter Light" from elements.
Best seasons Season 4-present (I'll recommend you watching these seasons)
My Youtube channel [[1]]

About Me

Hi! Welcome to my userpage person. I am Chloe Brown. But you can call me Chloe. Thanks for spending your time looking at my profile. I am from Britain, and I am an Adventure Time expert. My favourite character from Adventure Time is Finn and my favourite episode is "Crossover." If you are wondering where I am, I am normally in discussions, discussing some of the most important factors of the Adventure Time series.

In terms of the editing side of my time on this wiki, I am here to make the wiki the best it can be so if I undo your edit or leave a message on your wall, I do not have anything against you nor in no way do I want you to stop contributing, it only means that you need to be following the rules and it is just my job to make sure everything in the wiki is up to perfection. I am hoping to stay on this wiki until after the series has ended so that once every episode has aired, every piece of information is added and this wiki would be free from any mistakes or missing information.

My Favourite Pages

My Favourite Characters

My Favourite Episodes (Italics and bold, my absolute favourites!)

My Favourite TV shows

History on the wiki

It all started when I was a very curious girl who wanted to know more about Adventure Time. I watched a couple episodes and found it very interesting which made me want to edit on an Adventure Time site. I first started looking at Wikipedia but then I noticed that the information was not always right and people can edit and put unsourced information anytime. Although, it may have been good for me to edit there and share some sourced information (at one point I actually did but only a short whole) but I wanted to edit on a sourced wiki. So then I started looking for some future episodes like for example; "Fionna and Cake" (at the time it was 2011) and I found this wiki. This wiki was great, just amazing and the sources the wiki was providing are always true (with the exception of trolls). Then at February 2012, I started looking at the userpages of admins and general users. I also took a look at their message walls which made me see how much of a community this wiki had and all the articles and pages were great. It felt like it was a place for me to help edit pages to make them better so I have joined this wiki on June 2012 to edit pages (the user who I was, I am not telling though).

During the years I was active, I did my work by removing speculation, fixing grammar errors and making sure that all sources are accurate so that other people will know how great this wiki was. I also made sure that all users whatever end of the hierarchy they were in were following the Policy. But in 2013, I kind of lost passion editing here so I have retired from editing here. But now, after 4 years of absence I realized that I wanted to edit here again so here I am!

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