aka The girl who hardly shows up on the wiki

  • I live in In A House,In The USA,In Earth,In The Milkyway Galaxy,In Some Dimension
  • I was born on September 13
  • My occupation is Artist,Student(Barely-_-)
  • I am A Female

About Le Me

I'm in the Adventure Time Fandom,also I'm in the Sonic Fandom too.I'm a Pegisister or Brony or whatever I prefer(don't judge me or hate me just because I love My Little Pony).Apperently my sister says that I'm an obsessed fan of Adventure Time(which is probably true since I drew pictures of them and put them in my binder and have two posters that I got for $5.00 and have a shirt of them from Hot Topic).My favorite shipping/pairing is PBxFinn(FPxFinn is junk and should have never been created,heh tough love?).They're the beast and should get married(I mean if PB is 13 or Finn is 18).I'm good at drawing cartoons(such as this)and anime.I love Homestuck and my patron troll is Kanaya (and if you don't know what this is then why are you reading this?)ADIOS!I can't think of anything else!!!!☺☻

Mah Fan-Character

Dakota Mays is a tomboyish heroine who loves to drawing

Dakota Mays
I'm an awsome artist
Name Dakota Mays
Gender Female
Alias Puddly Batipillar
Age 12
Species Unknown
Occupation Heroine
Relatives Puddly(adopted sister)
Voiced by ME/CherryAppleStar


Dakota is very athletic and flexible.She uses her magical paintbrush to fight crime.Whatever she draws it becomes real.Also the paint in her brush becomes a sticky trap.



Some photo I drew

My Cousin's Fan-Character

Puddly Batipillar
Screeech!Just Kidding
Name Puddly Batipillar
Gender Female
Alias Dakota Mays
Age 1600(In Batipillar Years)
Species Batipillar
Occupation Heroine
Relatives Dakota(Adopted Sister)
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