aka Skyler.

  • I live in The universe
  • My occupation is Work..Eww No. I'm allergic XP
  • I am a warm bowl of soup.
MarcelineandgummyMarcy and hambothumb|124px|right|love this song
This face

this one person likes adventure time

Cute cute

gotta love this guy

hi my name is jenny I LOVE AT ! im weird at times ,, funny , and my best friends on here ! i can't wait to share what i know about adventure time

My fave characters

  • tree trunks
  • finn
  • jake
  • Marshall lee
  • Marceline
  • LSP
  • Pepermint butler
  • BMO
  • PB
  • Earl lemongrab
  • Me-Mow
  • Susan strong
  • i'll put more soon.....
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