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  • I live in Ooo
  • I was born on October 22
  • My occupation is Heroine
  • I am Female

Little Marcy and Hambo!Love them!

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Young PB and Finn!

Hi! My name's Maura. I made this account two years ago and I'm still a supporter in this fandom. You can contact me and see my newest art at

Some of My Drawings

I really love to draw anyone from Adventure Time! That's basically the only thing I draw besides cats. Take a look at some of my drawings! My all time favorite character to draw would have to be Princess Bubblegum.( As you can probably tell ) Hope you like them! I try to post new ones ASAP but it doesn't always work out.
  • Marceline
  • Pb in Videomakers
  • PB in Death in Bloom
  • PB in Susan Strong
  • PB in Go With Me
  • Young PB
  • Screenshot of Fionna and Cake from the beginning or whatever!
  • PB's reaction to "I'm just your problem"
  • PB with color
  • PB in "The Creeps"
  • Mortal Recoil
  • FinnxBubblegum!
  • Space Angel Princess
  • Random girl I painted
  • Doodle of Me-mow
  • Painted PB
  • Engagment Ring Princess
  • Painted Marceline
  • Finn's Amazing Hair
  • Doodle of a girl underwater
  • Fionna, ready to fight!
  • I might color this another time...

Favorite Characters

Okay all the Adventure Time characters are great but I like some more than others ( Sorry others :D )

My Favorites!

  • Princess Bubblegum - I decided I liked her as my favorite. Especially 13 year old PB.
  • Marceline the Vampire Queen - She fell to second favorite. Sorry Marcy.
  • Finn - I am loving this kid.
  • Jake - His quotes are amazingly funny

Favorite Episodes

Some of my favorite episodes are...

  • Evicted!
  • What is Life?
  • Dungeon
  • Henchman
  • Rainy Day Daydream
  • It Came From the Nightosphere
  • The Eyes
  • To Cut a Woman's Hair
  • Chamber of the Frozen Blades
  • The Pods
  • The Real You
  • Death in Bloom
  • Susan Strong
  • Mystery Train
  • Go With Me
  • Videomakers
  • Mortal Folly/Mortal Recoil
  • Conquest of Cuteness
  • Memory of a Memory
  • Too Young
  • Still
  • Wizard Battle
  • Adventure Time with Fionna and Cake
  • What Was Missing
  • From Bad to Worse
  • Beautopia
  • No One Can Hear You
  • Jake vs. Me-Mow
  • The New Frontier
  • Holly Jolly Secrets Part 1 and 2

I just figured out how long a list this is...I just couldn't choose one.

Adventure Time - My Best Friends in the World (Demo) (Rebecca Sugar)

Adventure Time - My Best Friends in the World (Demo) (Rebecca Sugar)

I thought it sounded really pretty this way

Favorite Adventure Time Songs

If I put a * at the end of one then I can play it ok ukelele/guitar

-You Are My Best Friends In the World by Finn, Jake, Marceline, PB, and Beemo (Rebecca Sugar Demo Video >>>>>>>>>>>>> over there)

-I'm Just your Problem* by Marceline

-Oh Fionna* by Prince Gumball

-The Fry Song* by Marceline and Finn

-Susan Strong(song)* by Finn

-House Hunting Song* sung by Pen featuring Marceline

-As a Tropical Island* by Jake

-A Song About Noodles by Finn

-Margret's Lullaby by Margret*, sung by Finn

Picture Time!!!

Pictures for you

to enjoy!
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