Adventure Time Noob

aka ATN

  • I live in Chicago, Illinois
  • My occupation is I Lumpin love Adventure Time
  • I am Male
Finn and flame princess by julietsbart-d4prg7t

FinnXFP Forever!!!:)

Tumblr lv2n8iJuaO1r2prpfo1 400

Me-Mow is so cute!!!:)

Adventure time!!!

Adventure Time Rules!!!:)

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About Me

  • I love Adventure Time
  • I like Little Pony Frienship is Magic
  • I like Regular Show
  • I like Wander Over Yonder

    Ponies Rule!!!!!!

  • I love Soul Eater
 I love anime made by Gainax
  • I love watching anime
    FP and LSP playing cards

    My 2 favorite characters playing cards, so much win!



  • I used to and now love and watch DB, DBZ, and DBGT

    Finally YEEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • I love the game series Fire Emblem
  • I love the game Series The Legend of Zelda

    Twixie, daaawwwww

  • I love the Kingdom Hearts series
  • I love the game series Final Fantasy
  • I love Gum, and Lafey Taffys
  • I really support the relationship of Finn and Flame Princess :)
  • My favorite element is fire
  • I read and watch The Walking Dead T.V show and Comic Book series
  • I love watching Hell On Wheels

    Rarity is so cute in her camping outfit. :)

  • I love reading the Adventure Time comic book series
    Thank you for two years by ibringthazelc-d5hhkdj
  • I love reading the My Little Pony Friendship is Magic comic book series
  • I dislike the My Little Pony Generation 4 movie Equestria Girls!

Favorite Adventure Time Characters

  1. Flame Princess
  2. Marceline
  3. Lumpy Space Princess
  4. Jake
  5. Ice King
  6. Gunter
  7. Beemo
  8. Princess Bubblegum
  9. Lady Rainicorn
  10. Lord of Evil "Hunson Abadeer"

Favorite Adventure Time Gender-Bent Characters

  1. Marshall Lee
  2. Flame Prince

    FinnXFP :)

  3. Cake
  4. Fionna
  5. Prince Gumball
  6. Lord Monicromicorn
  7. Ice Queen
  8. Lumpy Space Prince
    212px-FP SURFING

    Totally legit!!!

  9. Beemo (I know Beemo has no gender but I don't care)
  10. Tree Trunks (Whatever her male version name is)

Favorite Adventure Time Episodes

  1. Trouble In Lumpy Space&Burning Low
  2. Evicted
  3. Fionna&Cake&What Was Missing
  4. Memory of a Memory&It Came from the Nitosphere

    Twilight Sparkle looking cute with classes

  5. Marceline's Closet
  6. Guardians of the Sunshine
  7. Blood Under the Skin
  8. Ocean of Fear

    Rarijack is such a cute relationship

  9. Henchmen
  10. Jake vs. Me-Mow

Least Favorite Adventure Time Episodes

  1. Go With Me
  2. Too Young
  3. Apple Thief
  4. In Your Footsteps
  5. Storytelling&Up a Tree

My Top 5 Favorite Princesses

  1. Flame Princess
    180px-Trixie GIF

    The Great and Powerful Trixie!!!

  2. Lumpy Space Princess
  3. Princess Bubblegum

    Princess Luna

    Minecraft by superkingc77-d51wxzj

    My little Crafting

    Entropy cover by milkman213-d52wkr0 png

    Pony Fantasy

  4. Wildberry Princess
  5. Water Princess

My Top 5 overrated Adventure Time Episodes

  1. Fionna&Cake
  2. Burning Low
  3. Incendium
  4. Too Young
  5. 2nd Fionna&Cake
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