So I heard you all like Adventure Time.
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Whoa whoa bro, first off, this is m'lady right here: User:Sekeid'ah-UuaDliles. So start shipping HeroSek. XD

AHBNF rendering
Me, courtesy of Beemo. XD
Except my hair is really really short. It's essentially a crew cut.

Took this picture during the summer of '12. :D
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What time is it . Time to ruin your chilhood 919250 4546023

Anon told me to. Anon told me to post as 3cc2f7 4523545

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The truth (overwriting prevention tag)
Linkin Park-Living Things Edited Winter version

Linkin Park Discography

Hybrid-TheoryMeteoraM2MA thousand suns coverLinkin Park - Living Things

My funny chat comment

Another funny chat comment of mine

Hello my friend, (I assume). I'm an administrator on this site, so if you need anything, just leave a message, or if you want to read more about me, just keep scrolling (I highly recommend that you read my rage-comics, unless you're not a fan of them, that's cool too).

Anyways, I'm pretty much a down-to-earth person, but just like any user on this site, I'm a huge fan of Adventure Time and I think it's probably the best shows on T.V right now. I really don't have any favorite or least favorite episodes since all are pretty much awesome in my book.

My Rage-comics

Click here if you wish to view the rage-comics.

My favorite Adventure Time characters and other stuff
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S1e25 Billy lightning


A hero boy named Finn

MetroidLinkin Park-Living Things Edited Winter versionMetroid

PenJakeAt 174x252 fionnaCake 001

Hello. I'm A hero boy named Finn, but you can call me Hero Boy or J.C for short.

Welcome to the Hero's Lair. 

Tumblr ly9pmcrvl91qgbtp8o1 500AHBNF

S'up fellow adventurers. The one and only Hero Boy is here! As you can see, I'm quite the righteous editor, and no vandal or troll shall go unpunished when I'm here!

I'm an administrator of this wiki (obviously). If you have any questions or comments, go here.

Let's see you users overwrite this

Both have princess problems Internet-memes-mariokay-jpg



I often change and update my profile and signature to a different theme from time to time.

Past themes:

Current theme:

  • Linkin Park

Future themes:

  • New World Trade Center


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No one I'd be than me

Let me hit you with some knowledge

Wait for it... Wait for it 231dac 4220529


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Forever alone - Go make me a woman

Spock smash

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Are you f.... feeling me

Are you f.... feeling me 2

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Die a hero or live a villain

Tumblr loah8nHhmX1qibk23o1 500

Girls, it's true, we really like being told we're hot. XD Guys like to hear that they're hot Foreverfireballs Simon&Marcy'sbondimage



My favorite people on this Wiki

  • EVERYONE, I LOVE YOU ALL, except for vandals and trolls, those guys are pure scum.

Princess Monster Wife transparent This user thinks Princess Monster Wife is beautiful in her own special way.
Do not feed the trolls This user doesn't understand trolls, but then again, no one does.
Tumblr lrvx4jVz1A1qfu4tho1 250 This user knows his internet.

and that arrow isn't pointing at anything specifically

Metroid This user is a HUGE Metroid fan. And so is this guy.



Linkin Park - Burn It Down
Linkin Park - LOST IN THE ECHO (Lyric Video)

Linkin Park - LOST IN THE ECHO (Lyric Video)


Linkin Park - Lost in the Echo
In My Remains - Linkin Park

In My Remains - Linkin Park


Linkin Park - In My Remains
Linkin Park - I'll Be Gone LYRICS

Linkin Park - I'll Be Gone LYRICS


Linkin Park - I'll Be Gone
Linkin Park - Castle of Glass

Linkin Park - Castle of Glass


Linkin Park - Castle of Glass
Linkin Park 12 - Powerless (Living Things) (Lyrics)

Linkin Park 12 - Powerless (Living Things) (Lyrics)


Linkin Park - Powerless
Linkin Park - Valentine's Day With Lyrics

Linkin Park - Valentine's Day With Lyrics


Linkin Park - Valentine's Day
Linkin Park-In The End Lyrics

Linkin Park-In The End Lyrics


Linkin Park - In The End
Linkin Park - Until It Breaks

Linkin Park - Until It Breaks


Linkin Park - Until it Breaks
Linkin Park What I've Done lyrics

Linkin Park What I've Done lyrics


Linkin Park - What I've Done
Linkin Park- Leave Out All The Rest (Lyrics)

Linkin Park- Leave Out All The Rest (Lyrics)


Linkin Park - Leave Out All The Rest

4370012 6cb30faf83e8aa96ab1ee6568e5b6faa

What math does to me Taking you with me S4 E12 Finn giving thumbs up Funny-faceI'm with stupid Haay gurl Jake sunglasses

Catroon-network-adventure-time Tumblr m3c9crWnPL1qfy2kdo1 r1 500 Tumblr m3c9haXtDG1qfy2kdo1 500 Tumblr m3c9qbKVMX1qfy2kdo1 r1 500 Tumblr m3sb0zBXsr1r04f7oo1 500

Me when I'm in a good mood:Peter-dance

Jake kissing lady and his puppies (and Beemo)

In mah oven

I wanna score 7290b9 4349088

2nd Anoniversary 13 Nope

Bionicle Toa Mahri Movie

Bionicle Toa Mahri Movie

Legos are my thing, Bionicle was my childhood.

Favorite quotes by me

  • Your horrible grammar makes me sad and mad.
  • A jerk-off?
  • Saying nothing on this topic is saying too much.
  • You underestimate my power.
  • As are you as well.
  • What.
  • How irrational of you.
  • That's not cool dude. I expect more from you.
  • Yay opinions.
  • Your stupidity made me lose my innocence.
  • You good at speak.
  • i LiK3 yuR Gr@Mm32
  • ....I GUESS.
  • Yes. I look rather exquisite don't I?
  • No. YOU shut up!
  • J.C. or C.J. Just kidding, J.C. Don't call me the other.
  • Spiders are my favorite animal. F*** me right?
  • I love you so much, I just want to sit on the couch and play BMO with you.
  • You didn't pronounce that correctly. Shame on you.
  • There's nothing more persuasive than a beautiful woman.
  • College is just expensive daycare for adults.
  • High school hurts my butt.
  • I don't like you.
  • Please, call me, Wiggles.
  • Your English suck.
  • What time is what?
  • Opinions. The internet's natural enemy.
  • Was George Bush a quitter? Hell no!
  • I'm high. HIGH ON LIFE. AMEN.
  • When you're feeling sad, just go in your room, stare at the sun/moon (depending where you live), AND LISTEN TO SOME LINKIN PARK.
  • What a fine day for an apocalypse.
  • I don't know. Know, I do not. Know not, I do.
  • Bravado good sir!
  • Quite the capital idea!
  • I'm not an administrator, I'm a liberator.
  • Violence is always the answer kids. ALWAYS.
  • This beat is @$$.
  • Well if that's what they're saying about me. :T
  • You don't know nothing, about anything. >:T
  • "Why are you always in such a good mood?" "Because I'm a guy."
  • If I plant this egg outside will an eggplant grow? Okay, I don't care who you are, THAT'S FUNNY.
  • Prepare for butthurt.
  • What's funnier than 24 and 25? 9/11! .....yeah I know...
  • Hey girl, if you were a tree, you'd be a good tree.
  • Never trust a freshman.
  • Ow, my pride.
  • Yoooooo, mah dawg, what's going ooooonnnnnnnnn??????
  • Like all memes, it will be very popular, get overused, and fade away.
  • Awwwww, this school reeks of failure.
  • No I was not in that Harlem Shake video...
  • Step aside broseph.
  • That wasn't that funny, only to you apparently.
  • Bro, this is how you ask out a girl: "Hey, you look really pretty today, you always do, I like your shoes, I like your face too, see this shirt? It's made out of boyfriend material, some people fall out of trees, some fall down the stairs, you should fall in love with me, want to go out?"
  • First world problem: Everyone on chat types too fast.
  • The sad truth behind hands: they can touch anything, but themselves. D,:
  • My voice is abnormally deep.
  • Hush you windbag.
  • Ha, that was almost clever.
  • She liked my status, so our relationship is pretty serious.
  • The epic battle between good and neutral rages on.
  • My dad: "Son, you're the result of a half a gallon of wine." Me: "And look how it turned out! :D"
  • Because of reasons.
  • "I'm fine being a regular user." Me:" Said no one ever."
  • Don't rush me bro, you rush, you make mistakes.
  • Hey bro, tight'n up.
  • Where dem napkins at?!
  • It's okay, it's not like your were going to be useful anyways.
  • Guys, did you know that Banana's secretly fight each other when people aren't around, that's why they turn brown and bruised.
  • Denial. The first stage of butthurt.

MFW this blog


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My favorite scenes in all of Adventure Time

KillKill2 Kill3Kill4

Look good LR rolling Toasted buns Trap horse Tumblr m1qfe1z89I1r9gr7to1 500 Tumblr lj75un2UGb1qfy2kdo1 500 Tumblcdsfuufo1 500 S2e25 Finn lady stuff Tumblr lg2onj6z6x1qg636ko1 500

Ash approves 2c79ebed391d63e9a19af611e75eed52

Tumblr m9ywdzwKIv1rbavngo1 1280

My Favorite Episodes

I'll make this easy for 'ya, I like 'em all. :T

I know that feel bro This user knows that feel bro.

I feel Feels


Worth it for Metroid Prime trilogy 8d4b77d7971f0db8e189d4519212982c

Tumblr mefavgvXh51rf53ouo1 250

Tumblr lxyb4pwAtG1r3wusro1 500 Ohhhhhh

You V

1ATIceKingZapAt 174x252 fionna

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Misunderstood Spider

Don't kill spiders guys. Seriously. I doubt you would like it if someone killed you because of your appearance.






This day really means a lot to me. I've been to the new World Trade Center, and my dad has been to the original Twin Towers three times. They tried to destroy us, but they only made us stronger.

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Check out my new sig: Tumblr ly9pmcrvl91qgbtp8o1 500AHBNF

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1534Copia de Copia de torizo WHAZZZZZUUUPPP!!!!



A hero boy named Finn
Name A hero boy named Finn
Gender Male
Age 15
Country U.S.A
Join date May 29th
Motto "Rock on" or "Let's rock"
The hunger games trilogy by rjvg92-d341yoq

GlobeGlobe Tumblr m4ncmyjIB91qg2qmno1 400 Tumblr m41x1r397y1r4hwmoo1 500 I don t always live on this planet 8793db 3380857

BUTT Cursed mirrors Cursed mirrors2 Tumblr m425ej9NhM1qfy2kdo1 500 Excited The club Jake pat Fist pound

My Profile

Adventure Time!

If you're looking for information about yours truly.....then you're looking in the wrong place. :3

Just kidding, I'm actually a lot like Finn in real life! (don't believe those other wannabe-Finn users). Can't really say much else, but I'm a pretty righteous editor and I will slay any vandal, that's my deal! I'm also quite skilled at drawing comics, writing, and somewhat painting. I'm also quite knowledgeable about astronomy, spiders, and other stuff.

Yeah, I like spiders. 1322616142734 Tumblr ljxp9ow1IA1qjo2joo1 500

What do you think about Adventure Time?

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It goes in my butt. A friend of mine sent eb6017 4312269

OMGitsthebannanaman FinnCandyParty S3e1 BMO is camera S3e1 Super Cutie punching Finn S3e7 dance gunter Ice nunchucks

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Love boom Surprised

Pages I Monitor


Fionna and marshall I SHALL PLAY YOU Check out my new OC http funnyjunk com funny pictures 2686530 Random People OC 105113 2683153Jelly cube

Funny Junk

Can't swim

Stormo 2 Goliad



Wormo transDrJ trans Shadow horse

S3e15 Freakdeer

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Optimusprimewithswordkb9 This user doesn't appreciate vandalizers.

Tumblr ltcdolA8Cs1qfu4tho1 500 Tumblr lrvx4jVz1A1qfu4tho1 250

"Arguing with a fool proves there are 2."

Finnsrftgtfrew Sedrftgyhujiuhytre

Black Holes and White Holes are kkkooooooollll BH LMC620px-BH LMC2

A hero boy named Finn

Tumblr m425gqBaCh1qfy2kdo1 500

A hero boy named Finn

Candy Person 201 This user has made 13,348 edits.
Pen This user is a huge fan of Adventure Time.
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Fionna This user is a fan of Fionna. (too bad she doesn't exist.)
Fairy This user doesn't like it when someone other than himself edits his profile (unless they're fixing a spelling error).
Spazer-m3 This user is on vandal patrol.
Wormo trans This user does not appreciate his edits being reverted.
Banan Guard This user guards this Wiki against vandalism.
Thinkingofbutts This user IS thinking of butts.
Tumblr ln9b9vevJp1qc42hdo1 500 This user thinks Optimus Prime is awesome.

1ATLadyRainicornLookEthelBob EatIt

"It's not easy, but you have to be persistent. You might have to defeat a demon lord, or warp through several worlds. But once you do, you walk up the wizard stairs, and produce your magic key you got in the water world and unlock the chamber door. Then, you walk right up to the princess, and give her a smooch. ...Does that make sense?"-Jake

Crocom10S3e10 Jake smashing violaAdventure time samus by xluigibobx-d3jgaxtKraid 16-bit Tumblr m458wgmUV61r4hwmoo3 500

Linkin Park-Living Things Edited Winter version
Linkin Park-Living Things


Tumblr lptm0806Jq1qa2ip8o1 500

^The photo above has a secret...

Congrats! You have reached......the end of my userpage. Your prize: a good memory.

Hold me 3 by assassinettetalia-d5p0igf

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