Hi. Let's be honest, Adventure Time is getting worse and worse, and I've moved on from the show to some new fandoms. If you wanna check me out on other wikis, you can find me active on the Five Nights At Freddy's Wiki or Steven Universe Wiki. AVP3 out.


I have made twelve pages for the wiki (in order):

Sand Worm from "Red Starved"

Grass Bear from "Blade of Grass"

Leviathan from "Billy's Bucket List"

Goralina from "Sad Face"

Peter Serafinowicz who voices Lumpy Space Prince in "The Prince Who Wanted Everything"

Crab Princess from "Breezy"

Lizard Kingdom from "Breezy"

Erin from "Food Chain"

Barf Kingdom from Marceline and the Scream Queens Issue 2

Turtle Prince from "The Prince Who Wanted Everything"

Princess Business mentioned in "Princess Day"

Ghost Fly from "Ghost Fly"

Thanks to those of you who have improved these.

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