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Ursula is Flame Princess' treacherous handmaiden. She secretly serves the princess poisoned tea that weakens her powers. She originally seems nice and caring, but it is later revealed that she is evil.


Ursula is a small Flame Person who is made of rock, like most Flame People. She has flat orange hair that she wears in a short ponytail. Her eyes are orange and thin, like Flame King's.


  • She is named after one of the handmaidens from Much Ado About Nothing, from which Don John also took his name.
  • She might have been inspired by the woman of the same name, Ursula, from Disney's The Little Mermaid. Both pretend to be nice to a princess, but both of their motives were sinister. This one poisoned Flame Princess to help break Flame King out and take back his throne, and Disney's took Ariel's voice in a plot to steal the throne.
  • It is unknown what happened her after that Flame princess retake the throne and that the Flame king and Flame lord were defeated, considering that she wasn't in the lantern with the Flame king and Flame lord as punishment. Though that maybe she was punished for her betrayal and she was jailed in a different dungeon than the lantern.