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Urgence Evergreen is an Ice Elemental who appears in the episode "Evergreen." He is Gunther's teacher and one of the few characters known to exist before the Mushroom War. He was later reincarnated as Patience St. Pim.


Shown in "Evergreen," Urgence Evergreen lived during the Cretaceous period, long before the Mushroom War. He was the elemental of ice. After discovering that a comet filled with evil magic was heading for Earth, Evergreen called a meeting of his fellow elementals in order to find a way to stop the comet. Evergreen insists that they must act by creating a magical crown that will grant the wearers innermost wish. Evergreen states that he must wear the crown, because his deepest wish is to destroy the comet. The other elementals are against this, as they believe that the crown will corrupt him, and accept that the comet is a bringer of change and that no matter what happens, their elements will persevere in a new form. Angered by their unwillingness to act, Evergreen freezes them. He then summons Gunther, telling him that they will go on a mission to recover the missing piece to his crown.

Their goal is to get the enchanted ruby eyes of the ancient lava dog, Magwood, which will be the source of the magical crown's power. After finding Magwood's lair and successfully fighting to take its eyes to power the crown, they go back Evergreen's lair. The crown is complete and ready to use. The comet's collision is imminent and Evergreen is about to try to use it to save the world, when Magwood arrives attacking his castle.

Evergreen is stuck under an ice block, and out of reach of the crown. He orders Gunther to put it on, and to wish the comet away. However, when Gunther wears the crown, it reacts to his wish to be just like Evergreen and the magic morphs him into a smaller version of Evergreen with similar features like blue skin, white hair and a long nose (features that are shared with the Ice King). Gunther shoots ice magic and screams 'Gunther, no!' interminably. This is due to the crown reacting to how Gunther viewed Evergreen as: a man who is constantly firing ice magic and ordering people around. Evergreen tries to tell Gunther to use a spell to focus on the comet, but realizes too late that he never taught the little dinosaur any spells.


Evergreen has a similar appearance to the Ice King as he has pale blue skin and a curved nose. He also has long white hair and a beard that covers most of his head. Unlike the Ice King, Evergreen has broader shoulders and bird-like legs and feet. He is equipped with a blue cloak, golden gauntlets, a sheathed sword, and a belt with a green buckle.


Evergreen is a wizard and elemental who specializes in ice-based magic. He is powerful enough to easily defeat the three elementals of fire, slime, and candy. In addition, with the help of Gunther, he was able to subdue Magwood and collect its ruby eyes. Evergreen also has enough knowledge of "phantasmal circuitry" and other magical matters to be able to create an enchanted crown powerful enough to grant its wearer his or her deepest desire.

It can also be noticed that his ice magic is different from Ice King's magic. Evergreen "casts" the ice magic, he does magical gestures and sometimes chants for his ice magic, while the Ice King shoots it straight from his hands.


Evergreen's great power makes him arrogant and overconfident of his own abilities. This is seen when he freezes the other elementals, Chatsberry, Balthus, and Slimy D, when they reject his plan of preventing a comet from destroying their world. Evergreen was so confident in his abilities that he would hurt his peers and risk damaging the very structure of existence by going through with his plan. In addition, Evergreen's overconfidence nearly led to his defeat by Magwood after he insisted that he go alone to face the monster.

Along with being egotistical, Evergreen is neglecting and selfish. This is often shown from his interactions with his assistant, Gunther. The wizard mistreats the dinosaur apprentice in many ways, such as refusing to give him a ride during their journey and forcing him to carry his large basket of supplies. Although he is aware that Gunther wishes to be taught magic, Evergreen scorns him as incompetent and often insults the young dinosaur. Despite his cruelty towards others, Evergreen does seem to have a genuine desire to protect the world at any cost (though this could simply stem from a desire to further prove his own might).


  • Like the Ice King, Evergreen is voiced by Tom Kenny.
  • Evergreen shares many physical similarities with Gunter after the latter merged with the crown.


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