The Upturnoverdrive is a machine that appeared in the episode "Power Animal." It is located in the Beneathaverse and was constructed to turn the world upside-down so that the gnomes could claim the world above as their own. The Gnome Ruler kidnaps Finn after Finn makes the claim that he "never slows down" at his Northern Lights Rooftop Party, enticing the Gnome Ruler to use Finn as a power source for the Upturnoverdrive. There were three engine components of the machine: the Cyclonic Rodentarod, the plasma ball, and the brain machine, which was later destroyed by Jake after he was imbued with the power of the Party God. While the idea of the Upturnoverdrive seems implausible, according to the Gnome Ruler, "the engineering is very sound."

Machine's drive

Cyclonic Rodentarod

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The Cyclonic Rodentarod was a machine used to fully charge the Upturnoverdrive's alternator. It resembles a hamster wheel, and when someone runs on it, it produces energy. Finn was the subject used to operate the machine, albeit against his will. He was forced to run on it because the Gnomes used a taser on him. The Cyclonic Rodentarod has a gray metallic plate and many wires connected to a power source that receives energy from the person who is using it.

Plasma ball

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The plasma ball was used to partially charge the Upturnoverdrive. It consists of two chambers, a large lower chamber that creates an electric charge when music is played, and an upper chamber that houses the subject who charges the machine. The electric charge created in the lower chamber shocks the feet of the person in the upper chamber, forcing them to move, which creates power. Finn's feet are electrocuted, causing him to commence "fun dancing" in order to power it.

Brain machine

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The brain machine was a device created and used to harness the energy from a person's thoughts in order to charge the Upturnoverdrive. Finn was the subject used to do this because of his dynamic energy. While Finn is in the brain machine, he accidentally powers it by imagining breaking free and reuniting with Jake. Conceivably, however, the brain machine should not have required Finn, as another Gnome could have feasibly done it. The machine was destroyed when Jake fell into the Beneathaverse.


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