The Ugly Monster makes his only appearance in "Dad's Dungeon." Finn and Jake encounter him when they are choosing between his path and the Flower Path. His path isn't chosen because he's "super gross," as stated by Jake. Ugly Monster becomes sad that his path isn't chosen, despite the fact that he originally intended to be an obstacle to the duo. As a path blocker, his size and appearance are his main attributes; his gross body takes up most of the room at the entrance to his path.


Ugly Monster's body is essentially a large, misshapen green blob composed of many round lumps that are covered with stubbly hair. A large orange-lipped mouth runs vertically down his face; it somewhat resembles Hunson Abadeer's mouth when he is in his monster form, but with rounded teeth. A small flower is ironically placed on top of his head. He sits in a brown puddle of his own slime, which periodically spouts out of the lumps covering his body.


None shall pass!

Wait! Why don't you want to take my path?

Thanks, brother!


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