Two Headed Cutie is a cutie that appears in "Conquest of Cuteness." It is first seen when Finn and Jake meet the Cuties, and is more prominently seen later hiding behind an urn trying to trick Finn and Jake into believing that it is their mother. Two Headed Cutie tells Finn and Jake that they are dumb and that "she" hates them. Finn gets mad and finds Two Headed Cutie behind the urn and chases after it until it jumps into a hole in the wall. Finn grabs the creature before it can get away and demands that it tell them what is going on. When he would not talk, Finn shakes him. Two Headed Cutie then warns the two of an attack at sunrise by the other Cuties, then bites Finn's hand, and he lets go in shock. Two Headed Cutie is also briefly seen running in the background of the second full-scale Cutie attack.


Two Headed Cutie appears to be similar to a marshmallow with humanoid characteristics. The bottom part of its head has a white skin color while the top part has a white, pink, purple, and blue stripes.


Jake, Finn! This is the voice of your mom. I've come back to tell you how dumb you always are... I hate you guys so much.

—"Conquest of Cuteness"

We've been watching you...
Learning your secrets...
For tomorrow, when our army comes and kills you both.....

—"Conquest of Cuteness"

You think we're so cute, when really, we're the opposite of that! (bites Finn)

—"Conquest of Cuteness"


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