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Two Bread Tom was a human who appeared in the Stakes miniseries. He was a member of a tribe of humans that survived the Mushroom War and was a friend of Marceline's back when she was a Vampire Hunter.

In "Everything Stays," he makes his first appearance in Marceline's flashbacks as a leader of a human tribe after the Mushroom War. At first, he and his tribe were scared of Marceline but soon became good friends after getting more comfortable with her, and sharing a bond of music. He also led a project to build a boat that would evacuate the increasing human tribe members and himself away from the mainland so that they could flee from the abnormal weather conditions affecting the continent.

In the Adventure Time: Islands graphic novel, it is revealed that he led his crew's voyage to salvation on the ship they had managed to repair and use to escape the mainland. They sailed for 34 days and eventually found an island that would soon be called Founders Island. After a while on the island living with another group who were there before them, Tom had become an important role model to the people of the island and became the first of few founders of the island, and a community is built. Later he learns that the island is more dangerous than expected and becomes obsessed with protecting his people and begins construction of a large wooden sentinel, possibly the very first stages of or an attempt to create the guardian.

In the episode "Min and Marty," a statue of Two Bread Tom playing his guitar is seen in a park on Hub Island. A plaque reads: "Thanks Two Bread Tom for being everyone's cool dad."


Tom is known to be a very friendly and compassionate person: he is very protective of his friends and will go to great lengths to ensure their safety. When he becomes a founder, he does all he can to make the island as safe as possible and eradicate any threat that may emerge to the humans. He is also seen to be a very charismatic person and possesses important leadership skills, and because of this he is widely respected by the rest of the humans. During the Stakes miniseries and the Islands comic, he acts as a father figure towards Jo and is very protective and concerned for her safety. After she disappears in the forest on the island, Tom becomes a kind of a control freak to make Founders Island a safe haven.


Tom wore a long sacking hat over his head to possibly protect himself from Vampires. He wears long, rectangular-lensed glasses and is seen wearing a greenish coat with a white shirt underneath. His hat conceals his bright red hair, and during his time on the island he is seen without his hat and grows a beard.