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Twinkletoes  (also known as Ricky) is a baby Space Lard who first appeared in "BMO". BMO found an Alien Farmer who was crying because Twinkletoes would not come back into the pod from grazing, causing BMO to lasso Twinkletoes bringing him back into the pod. Upon learning that the alien farmer would eat Twinkletoes BMO yelled at the farmer to keep Twinkletoes safe and also dubbing him "Ricky". After the exchange, Ricky flew away.

Later on in the episode Twinkletoes is seen as one of the lards used to destroy the "Unity Pod". After sending the pod to space, BMO rides Twinkletoes to earth. After landing he reveals his true name to BMO before rolling away.


  • Twinkletoes' name is a reference to Sparkle, who BMO also dubbed as "Ricky " in "BMO Lost."
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