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Turtle Princess is a princess who is also the head of a library in the Land of Ooo. She is considered a registered princess in "Princess Day".


Turtle Princess first appears in a cameo in Ice King's Imagination Zone in the episode "What is Life?".

She appears again in "Loyalty to the King" as one of the many princesses who is interested in the Nice King (Ice King). However, he doesn't want to marry her, so on her way out, Nice King tells Finn and Jake to tell her she's been rejected.

In "The Real You", she is at the library Finn and Jake go to so they can prepare for Princess Bubblegum's science barbecue. She is later mentioned in conjunction to the library in "Holly Jolly Secrets Part I", when one of Ice King's confessionals mentions that an attempt to take her both lead to Finn and Jake's stopping him and having his library card revoked.

In "Paper Pete," Turtle Princess is constantly trying to keep control of Finn's volume in the library as he tries to help the Pagelings defeat the Moldos. She ultimately confronts Finn but is embarrassed to see him take off his shirt. She then blushes and runs off to continue her job of stacking books.

In "Dream of Love," Turtle Princess opens a book to find Tree Trunks and Mr. Pig kissing inside it. Turtle Princess gives them a "hush" and they leave.

She is one of the many princesses in the episode "Princess Monster Wife" to have her body parts stolen, showing that she is one of Ice King's favorite princesses. She has a part of her head stolen.

In "Gotcha!," she is shown to be close friends with Lumpy Space Princess, with whom she shares the greeting of "Hey, girl." This extends to a personalized ringtone for Turtle Princess on Lumpy Space Princess' cell phone. It's implied she brings food to Lumpy Space Princess often. In the episode, she is impressed with Lumpy Space Princess' ability to attract "guys" (really wild animals Lumpy Space Princess has personified). She encourages Lumpy Space Princess to write a tell-all about how she used her lumps to attract Finn, as a way for Turtle Princess to learn to attract guys. By the episode's end, she enjoys Lumpy Space Princess' very different book, and has apparently started dating a vulture from Lumpy Space Princess' campsite named "Billy." She is also shown to ride around on a rocket sled when not at the library.

She is also one of the toys that appear in "All the Little People" ironically playfully spanking Xergiok, the Goblin King. However, as the time goes on, she goes corrupt and painfully spanks Xergiok.

Prince Turtle remains 1000+

Turtle Princess' remains (1000+)

In the series finale "Come Along With Me," she meets Gunter, who has become the Ice Thing. The two eventually marry, using one of Ice Thing's jewels as an engagement ring. It is also hinted that she wrote a book titled "Royalty of Ooo," signed by "T. Princess," which Shermy and Beth used to locate the future King of Ooo.

1000+ years in the future, Turtle Princess appears to be deceased, as her shell (now occupied by a seemingly robotic creature) appears in "Casper & Nova" in the remains of the library. Ice Thing is now in conflict with Gibbon, who currently possesses the jewel that was once given to Turtle Princess.


Turtle Princess looks like a turtle with long yellow hair, however she dyed it black in "Blank Eyed Girl." She has a crown similar to that of Princess Bubblegum and Slime Princess, but with a green gem. She has a very deep voice (although she sports a much higher voice in "The Real You"). She also has a dark green shell and brownish-green skin. Her eyes appear to be slanted (they can be seen open in some episodes).


Turtle Princess is a princess who works at a library. She is very strict about her rules and wants everything to be very quiet because she enjoys her peace and silence. Because of this, she is always shushing everyone who makes noise in her library, even if it's barely any noise at all. Outside of work, Turtle Princess is a loud and rambunctious, outgoing person. She acts very similar to her best friend, Lumpy Space Princess, acting like a stereotypical teenage girl, texting and shouting phrases such as, "Hey, gurrrl!", among others.

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