Trudy the Waist is a character who appears in the episode "Freak City." She eventually combines with other freaks to become Super Freak. She is first seen as a waist who then turns into humanoid version in the end, just like the others. She hates Kim, who in turn "freaking hates" her back. However, like all the other freaks, they eventually befriend each other. She has a Southern accent.


In her humanoid form, she has a blue bodysuit with a light red circle at her neck. Trudy also has short, curly yellow hair and a helmet around her head showing her pale blue skin. Some say she somewhat resembles a deep-sea diver or an astronaut because of the glass helmet and suit. As a waist, she looks like a light blue colored blob with eyes and a mouth.


  • Based on her appearance, which resembles a deep-sea diver, Trudy could be an alien or a water elemental. Similar to how Zap could be a fire elemental based on his appearance as well.


Official art


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