The Tree Stump With Sign is a character who lives in a branching path in the Forest of Trees who Finn encounters in "Another Way." She tries to tell Finn that he has to choose between two paths: Hair Fall-Out Path or Smelly Path. However, Finn breaks the arrow sign off the top of her head, says "my way!" and runs into the thorn bushes behind her. It appears that the sign on her is actually part of her body, as later, when Finn returned, she seemed in a great deal of pain.

Later, Finn pours Cyclops tears on her, causing a flower to grow where the sign was, which apparently makes her happy again.

It is unknown if she is a Tree Person.


She looks like a cut tree stump with brown bark. She has only two rings, meaning she is two years old. On the right side of her body, there is a small, broken branch. The sign on her body is a bit darker in color, and the arrows are red. They point to each path - one makes you smelly, the other makes you bald.



Ring ring! Look, there's only two choices, bro. Take your pick. There's the path on the left, the Hair Fall-Out Path, no more hair again, ever! Or the path on the right, the Smelly Path, makes you smelly forever. Hoohoo, you won't believe it.

—"Another Way"

No, that's it! You have to choose! There's no other way! Choosing is the only way. Choosing - is the only - way.

—"Another Way"

Hey, listen man, the Smelly Path's not actually that bad!

—"Another Way"


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