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The Tree People are a species of wood-like people who make cameos in various episodes. They resemble humanoids made of wood or trunks of trees.


In "When Wedding Bells Thaw", a tree person punches Ice King in the face because he spits his drink out on him while partying. That specific tree person had a PHIL FACE.

In "It Came from the Nightosphere", Hunson Abadeer sucks the souls out of some Tree People.

In "The Real You", a tree person appears in the library.

In "Another Way", evergreens with eyes and mouths watch Finn running away screaming. Finn encounters Talking Bush and Tree Stump With Sign in this episode.

In "James Baxter the Horse", several Tree People appear in the crowd listening to the Grass Person give a speech about beetles.

In "Something Big", Darren The Ancient Sleeper is a character who Maja summons to help her destroy the Candy Kingdom. He is half tree person and half rock person.

In ''Skyhooks II'', a tree person appears in the crowd watching Lumpy Space Princess after undoing the elemental spell.

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