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The Traveling Mini Circus is a graveling cicadas that appeared in the episode, "Sad Face." It served as the main location where all of the events of the episode unfolded.





The entrance is, of corse, the entrance to the main facility. Here, the Insect Announcer Carnie announces what's going to be unfolding during the said night's presentation.

The Ring[]


This part of he circus is the most public part, and it's where all of the entertainment unfolds. Here we see the Blindfolded Mantis throw darts at Insect Actress, the Snail jump into a pool of water, Goralina entertain the audience, and Blue Nose perform his various acts. This is where the Insect Audience is seated and where the [ Insect Band preforms.

Blue Nose's Cart[]


Blue Nose's Cart is where Blue Nose gets prepared for his performance. In here, he stores all of his personal belongings and had his makeup station.

Ringmaster's Cart[]


Ringmaster's Cart is where Ringmaster stores all of his coins that he earned form the day and where he holds his meetings with his employees. It also appears to be his lounge area.

Goralina's Cage[]


Goralina's cage is where Goralina was previously held. It's small, cramped, and there was a sign on the bars that specifically told any passerby not to feed her.


  • At the end of the episode, both Blue Nose and Goralina escape. Because they were the main acts, it is implied that the Traveling Mini Circus was abandoned.
  • It is unknown wether or not all of those employed there actually lived there, as that is the case for some traveling circuses.