Transformation Ghouls or “Ghoul dudes” are aquatic, serpent-like creatures that reside in a river that the gang was rafting on. We see them transform into a sub sandwich dragon, an evil pretzel with chainsaws, and an “angry, no, shy” shark baby. Once defeated, they poof into mist.


They can appear to be whatever their opponent is thinking about. However; in their regular form, they take on a bland look, with a serpent-like body and a ghost-like face. Some also appear to have arms.



Like their name suggests, Transformation Ghouls have the ability to transform into pretty much anything no matter the size or mode of transportation. However; there is a major downside to this ability. They can only transform into what their foe is thinking about, even if it isn't to their advantage.


  • The last Transformation Ghoul was seen to be somewhat transparent, meaning that they could be undead.


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