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The train appears in the episode "Mystery Train," in which Finn rides it to his birthday party. Throughout the episode, passengers mysteriously die, leaving nothing but skeletons behind, until Finn is the only passenger left, and Finn accuses the "weird and creepy" conductor of murder. However, at the end of the episode, Jake reveals that he was masquerading as the conductor when Finn was not looking, and, being an avid trickster, set the whole murder scenario up for fun, with the help of the passengers. The train is more or less destroyed when, after all the cars are released, Finn stabs the main control panel, causing the train to be unable to stop. It hurdles off the tracks onto Gelatin Man, who just happened to be there to cushion its fall. The train makes another appearance in "Candy Streets."


The train resembles an early 1800s train, with the interior having a bit of a subway train influence.


  • The train has posters that say "Watch out for UFOs," suggesting UFOs exist or are at least rumored to exist in Ooo. (UFOs also appear in a picture of the Rainicorn-Dog Wars in the episode "Her Parents.")


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