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Tower of Bone is a scrapped episode outline for Adventure Time, which was never produced into a full episode.[1]


Finn must stop the Mutog Beasts from freeing the Lich King and KILLING EVERYONE!



Finn and Jake are spitting watermelon at each other in their treefort before they go to bed. Suddenly there's a banging at the door! It's Tree-Trunks, the elephant. She's in such a terrible panic she can't speak clearly.

Finn looks outside to see three huge Mutog Beasts (Building sized dogs with wild faces resembling Adam Muto) bounding towards his treefort. They're after Tree-Trunks! Finn grabs some weapons and armor while Jake attempts to open their old escape hatch. It's locked! Jake scrambles to find the key.

The Mutog Beasts arrive and bash at the walls of the treefort. Jake finds some keys, and finally opens the rusty trap door. As the Mutog Beasts crash through the walls, a weapon-laden Finn grabs Tree-Trunks (she's hiding under the couch) and follows Jake into a dark tunnel which leads deep into the ground. They've barely escaped!

The Mutog Beasts scour the tree-fort, sniffing the air and breaking Finn and Jake's excellent stuff.


Finn and Tree-Trunks ride Jake, traveling through underground passageways to escape their pursuers. Along the way, Tree-Trunks spits up an ancient key, gives it to Finn, and explains what happened.

While looking for lemons to eat, she wandered into the Great Crystal Chamber (a secret area in the mountains where only the pure of heart can go) and accidentally swallowed an old key - a key which opens a portal to the dreaded Lich King's prison! The Lich King represents the most extreme concentrated force of evil known throughout the history of Ooo. Though many centuries have past since the Lich King was drained of power and petrified in his Tower of Bone, he still has followers like the Mutog Beasts who strive to free their master so that he may rise again with his army of the dead, and destroy all that is good in the land of Ooo!

As Tree-Trunks finishes her story, a huge hand shoots through the ceiling of the tunnel and drags Tree-Trunks into the open. It's the Mutog Beasts! Finn, all geared up in his armor & weapons, pops out of the hole and demands the Mutog Beasts let Tree-Trunks go. One of the Beasts whacks Finn with it's massive hand, propelling him into a bunch of pine trees. Enraged, Jake attacks; but he's no match for the Mutogs' strength either, and gets slammed across the field into a big stone.

At the Mutog's feet, a bruised Finn is trying to stab the Beast's leg, but the sword doesn't do any damage to it's thick hide. Both Finn and Jake are grabbed by monstrous hands and jammed into the cold ground. They are left incapacitated as the Beasts bound off towards the Tower of Bone with Tree-Trunks. However, the beasts don't realize that Tree-Trunks no longer carries the key - Finn does!

Despite their injuries, our heroes follow the sound of Tree-Trunk's humming (using Jake's dog-ears) deep into the Badlands. They must save her so they can restore the key to the Great Crystal Chamber! They soon come upon the Tower of Bone. The Lich King's evil presence sends chills down Finn's spine, but he doesn't let it get to him. Perhaps they'll need a new tactic to deal with this evil menace.

At the top of the tower, the beasts are trying to get Tree-Trunks to spit up the key so they can unlock the Lich King's chamber and unfreeze him. Suddenly Jake bursts in. He's made himself big and is scrunching his face in a vain attempt to disguise himself as a hideous Mutog Beast. "Sorry I'm late, guys. Huh-huh." The monsters stare blankly at Jake's unconvincing impression of a Mutog Beast, while Finn secretly rescues Tree-Trunks.

But the Mutog's senses are superb. They turn and hiss at Finn, with their eyes ablaze. Finn has Tree-Trunks hidden under his hat. The beasts are furious and demand Finn give them the elephant, or else they'll kill... EVERYTHING!


"Hey beef-puffs, you leave Tree-Trunks alone! She doesn't even have your key! I do!" Finn holds up the key. The Beasts rush towards him. Finn bolts, and ducks behind a monster skeleton. But the Beasts crash through it and grab the key. "NO!!!!" Jake's arm shoots over and tries to reclaim the key, but it is promptly crushed by a Mutog fist. Cackling like loons, the Mutog beasts turn to insert the key into the portals keyhole. "NO!!!!"

A great power bursts forth! Jake, Finn and Tree-Trunks all shield their eyes from the powerful light. Is this the beginning of the end?

No! Our heroes open their eyes to reveal... the Mutogs have turned to bone! Finn explains that he gave the Mutogs the old escape-hatch key, instead of the Tower of Bone key. How clever! "How did you know inserting the wrong key would turn the Beasts to bone? "Finn says he had no idea, his plan was to give them the wrong key and then get the heck out of their.

Tree-Trunks leads Finn and Jake towards the Great Crystal Chamber. Finn checks his pockets, then gets nervous. "Uh... Jake... did I give you the key?" They realize that none of them have the key. Ack! They must have dropped it somewhere during the adventure. Tree-Trunks says she knows of an oracle who can track down the location of the key, but they must bring it an offering of dragon quiche. Adventure awaits!

Meanwhile, we reveal the key moving very slowly through a field of grass, centimeter by centimeter, towards the Lich King's Tower of Bone.The Lich King's power is astounding, even while locked away in his ancient prison!




  • The idea of the Lich attempting to escape his imprisonment was reused in "Mortal Folly".
  • This outline was a two-parter, but the second part is not publicly available.


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