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Toronto is a dog and the King of Ooo's partner-in-crime, who first appears in the episode Gold Stars. He was originally set to appear in Apple Wedding, but the scene was deleted.[1]


Toronto is a Shiba Inu, and so displays traits such as a curled tail. However, due to his shortened face, atypical brown coloration, bushy tail, and round ears he is commonly mistaken for a squirrel (His species is more clear in earlier designs with him displaying a more recognizable yellowish coat). Most of his fur is dark brown with the exception of his mouth and belly, which are creamy white. Like most dogs in Ooo, Toronto is bipedal with thin arms and legs. He also has eyes similar to a lot of animals with the black on the outside and white on the inside similar to Jake or Lady Rainicorn.


Toronto works closely with the King of Ooo and is willing to commit crimes with him for personal gain. In Gold Stars, he uses Sweet P to distract Candy People so that he and the King of Ooo can rob them. Toronto is also willing to take care of Sweet P and burn down his mother's orchard when the boy discovers the dog's true nature.

Toronto tends to look out for himself; after the King of Ooo was melted in The Dark Cloud, he was last seen sneaking out through a crack in the Candy Kingdom castle with as much treasure as he could carry.

In Son of Rap Bear, Toronto tricks Flame Princess into signing a contract for a rap battle with Son of Rap Bear with the Fire Kingdom as the prize. However, even though he sets himself up as the judge, Flame Princess' hardcore battle rap wins over the entire audience and he is trampled by them even as he attempts to declare the defeated Son of Rap Bear the winner.

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  • In a deleted scene from Apple Wedding, Princess Bubblegum discovers Toronto while rummaging through the King of Ooo's blimp looking for incriminating evidence. When he asks her what she is doing there, Princess Bubblegum stuffs him in a suitcase and places a box of weights on top to prevent him from escaping. He tells her he is a certified lawyer and threatens to take her to court when he gets out.
  • He is likely named after the city of Toronto, Ontario, the largest and most populous city in Canada.
  • He resembles a squirrel more than a Shiba Inu. However, in his early concept art, he has a more dog-like face and ears.
  • Toronto, along with Jermaine and Samantha, seems to be one of the few pure members of the dog species that lives outside of the Crystal Dimension, however he was seen in the Crystal Dimension in a flashback in Lady Rainicorn of the Crystal Dimension implying he may be from there originally and later immigrated to Ooo.


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