Torcho is the niece of Flame King. Her father was killed by her uncle in order to seize power, so she and her brother, Furnius, attempted to assassinate him by pouring ice into his ear. Torcho and Furnius are disguised as executors of the Flame King and were also ordered by the Flame King to execute both Finn and Jake, but they were foiled by Finn and Jake who identified Torcho by her untied shoe. She was subsequently sent to the punishment room by her uncle. Their true fates remain unknown until Torcho is shown to be alive in Pirates of the Enchiridion.

Torcho first appears in "Ignition Point."


  • Her name comes from torch, a piece of wood with fire on it, commonly associated with angry mobs.
  • In the episode "Wizards Only, Fools," a prisoner at the Wizard Prison looked fairly similar to Torcho.
  • She has a deep, but undoubtedly feminine voice. The second time she appears, she speaks dramatically, as if acting in a play.
  • She is male in the Portuguese dub.


How about... water?

—"Ignition Point"

Ice? Why ice?

—"Ignition Point"

My identity!

—"Ignition Point"

You snuffed out our father to become king!

—"Ignition Point"

Release me!

—"Ignition Point"



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