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"Together Again" is the third episode of Adventure Time: Distant Lands.


After their death from natural cause many years after the events of Obsidian, Finn and Jake reunite to rediscover their brotherly bond and embark on the most important adventure of their lives.[2]


The episode begins with Finn and Jake escaping a cave made out of ice cream, running from a race of ice cream monsters after the two stole the prized "50-Flavor Ice Cream." After leaving the cave, Ice King is spotted above, kidnapping Turtle Princess and Lumpy Space Princess. They follow him to his castle, where they find the two princesses tied to a unique contraption. Ice King explains that if Finn saves one, the other will fall into boiling ice. Finn, however, triumphantly saves them both, Jake becoming partially frozen in the process. Turtle Princess then warns them of giant worms destroying her Library, a task Finn finishes easily using Jake's ice block and a wagon for a weapon. A giant bird scoops up the remaining worm, with the duo hitching a ride back to the Tree Fort. An open grave is seen, and Jake is seen slowly crawling toward it. This makes Finn start to panic, and it only intensifies after Jake suddenly melts into the grave, which now reads "R.I.P. JAKE."

Finn then manages to free himself from a Dream Parasite's grasp, revealing the whole event was a hallucination. Many decades have passed since the events of "Obsidian". Finn has passed away naturally and is now seen amongst various older characters in a cave, which leads to the entrance to the Land of the Dead. Here, Finn finds Mr. Fox, whose job is now to help him understand how the Land of the Dead works, but Finn has only one interest now that he's dead: to find Jake. Mr. Fox tells Finn that he can appear as any past version of himself, including the different ages you were in your life as well as your past lives. After briefly transforming into different versions and past incarnations (including Shoko) Finn decides to appear as his teenage self. After Finn demands to meet New Death at his castle, the two meet Tiffany, who is now one of the guards working for New Death. Finn finds his way to his room but New Death is completely different from the previous one, reckless and not to be reasoned with. However, he left Finn unscathed, and Finn steals a special harmonica from Tiffany in order to continue looking for Jake.

Finn searches through various dead worlds, eventually finding Joshua, Margaret, and Jermaine. They advise him that you can only get to the 50th dead world, where Jake resides, by not wanting to get there. As Finn struggles to do so, he decides to leave, but soon after, Tiffany arrives and blows up the dead world, leaving Finn floating through space. However, Jake feels Finn's vibrations, and travels through a portal to descend to him. He has forgotten his old ways, acting completely zen, but when Finn is outnumbered in a fight with New Death's guards, he jumps in. New Death then reveals letting Finn find Jake was part of his plan to eliminate all of the dead worlds; he couldn't reach the 50th dead world, so he waited for Finn to bring Jake out of it to gain access. However, he is disappointed to see it is fairly bland, and everybody there has simply found true peace. But nonetheless, New Death destroys the 50th dead world, and everybody in the Land of the Dead is now in the 1st dead world, where the worst of the worst reside.

Finn and Jake then contact Peppermint Butler via ghost-call, and he helps them get to the realm of Life. Upon meeting Life, they discover that she is the mother of New Death. Outraged that her son was preventing reincarnation (her whole purpose), Life gives Finn and Jake the Kiss of Life, a staff capable of defeating death. When Finn and Jake appear back in the first dead world, Tiffany saves them from a giant monster, and Jake convinces Tiffany to help them. Tiffany has them disguise themselves as Shoko and her tiger, but it doesn't work out, and Finn and Jake go rogue. Tiffany is then thrown into the bottomless pit for punishment, but is saved by Joshua and Margaret, who decide to take him in as their own son.

The two put up a good fight with New Death, but when he charges, Finn uses his note from Margaret (reading "Hold Still") as a majestic talisman, trapping him. New Death then reveals he is actually being controlled by The Lich, who begins to burn the talisman with an incantation. The two fight over who will stop him, both willing to take on Death's role in sacrifice for their friend. Right as Mr. Fox arrives, The Lich destroys the talisman and charges. But Mr. Fox manages to use the Kiss of Life, killing New Death and taking his place. The Lich's hand is all that's left, and he attempts to persuade Mr. Fox to work for him before Jake crushes him and throws him out into the vastness of the Land of the Dead. They then say goodbye to Joshua, Margaret, Jermaine, and Tiffany, and Finn then opens up to Jake on how he felt after his death; he had other things to live for, but deep down he was just waiting until he could die and be with Jake again. Finn then asks to be brought back in a new life, to which Mr. Fox agrees, while Jake decides to remain in the 50th dead world. However, at the last moment, Jake realizes he can't be without Finn and then joins him in reincarnation, finding themselves together again in the next life.


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  • This is the only episode of Distant Lands in which the original series' opening sequence is featured.
  • The Dream Parasites resemble Finn's Night Sword from season 10.
  • Many characters from the series appeared in the various Dead Worlds: Joshua, Margaret, Jermaine, Tree Trunks, Mr. Pig, Randy, Danny, Wyatt, Alien Husband, Mr. Fox, Bath Boy Gang, Maja, Blargetha, Gnome Ruler, Choose Goose, Donny, One of the Soft People, One of the House People, One of the Old Ladies, Booshy, Ghost Princess, Clarence, One of the Marshmallow Kids, The Cobbler, The Goblin King, and Tiffany Oiler.
  • When Tiffany is last seen, Margaret is seen holding shaving cream. This implies she will shave him, referencing the fact he has had mustache hair above his lip for the entire series.
  • It is revealed that Life and Death have had a son, who kills Death under the Lich's influence and takes Death's place.
  • Mr. Fox is now the ruler of all 50 Dead Worlds, taking the place of New Death.
  • Tiffany is adopted by Joshua and Margaret.
  • This is the only time Shoko is seen in her normal form with both of her arms.
  • This episode features the third depiction of an older Finn, with the first two versions seen in "Puhoy" and "Dungeon Train." Unlike his first two appearances, in which he was voiced by Jonathan Frakes, Old Finn is voiced by David Bradley in this episode.
    • However, the first two depictions were simply alternate versions of Finn's future, while this episode shows a definite, canonical Finn when he is elderly.
      • Therefore, This is Finn and Jake's final appearence.
  • The ice cream has 50 flavors, and has an image of an enlightened soul on the tub, referencing the 50th dead world.
  • Upon flying over the bird's nest, many skeletons fill it and resemble several characters who would be dead at this point just like Finn. These skeletons resemble: Me-Mow, Lemongrab, Abracadaniel, Mr. Pig, The Snail and Dirt Beer Guy.
  • The snail can be seen alive earlier in the hallucination (walking on Ice King's contraption), adding to the fact that this is supposed to resemble an old episode.
  • The book Mind Games can be seen thrown from the Library during the hallucination, and is also seen later in Finn's backpack.
  • Peppermint Butler's reversed dialogue reads "Kee Oth Rama Pancake," the spell used to banish Kee-Oth.
  • At the beginning of the episode Finn uses his first sword, Scarlet, in an hallucination.
    • Finn's Demon Blood Sword can be seen in Joshua and Margaret's house near the door.
    • Additionally, in the flashback where it references every battle that Finn and Jake had with the Lich, the Grass Sword and the Small sword can be seen.

Episode Connections

  • Finn's tattoo of Jake from "Obsidian" is seen, and it can be inferred that Finn got the tattoo after/because of Jake's death.
  • This is the first time that the name "Finn" is written on a title card since "Finn the Human."
  • Finn does a clapping sequence to try to find Jake in the dead world, referencing the clap he made up in "James Baxter the Horse."
  • The Lich hand from "Whispers" reappears, and has taken over New Death.
  • This is the second time where Finn and Jake have an adventure involving the Land of the Dead. The first one was in "Death in Bloom."
    • Much like a scene in the aforementioned episode, Finn and Jake's cover is blown due to Jake's flatulence.
    • Once again, the Gate Guardian is ineffective at making Finn follow the rules.
  • Mr. Fox being able to split his head in half as one of his past forms implies that this was his cause of death, which may be why BMO has his skull in "Come Along With Me."
  • Jermaine appears to have stopped painting abstract art since "Abstract," or has at least started painting portraiture in addition.
  • Ghost Princess and Clarence appear in the 50th Dead World having not been seen since they ascended there in "Ghost Princess."
  • This is the fourth time Finn uses the Jake suit since "The Silent King," "Jake Suit," and "Reboot."
  • Finn temporarily transforms into his Lumpy Space Person form from "Trouble in Lumpy Space".
  • Jake also uses his blue alien form seen in "Skyhooks II" and "Abstract."
  • Life is seen for the first time since her brief appearances in "The Gift That Reaps Giving" and "Frog Seasons: Winter."
    • She is voiced by Corinne Kempa in this episode, rather than Hynden Walch.
  • When Finn and Jake contact Peppermint Butler, their ghost forms look very similar to the low-level ghosts from "Ghost Fly."
  • The Snow Golem speaks in a baby voice, referencing its appearance in the Animated short.
  • During the hallucination, Jake is seen half-frozen, much like he was in "Prisoners of Love."
  • When Jake fist bumps Finn, he says "Ow!" and there is a metal clinking sound, hinting at the fact that this is a hallucination because Finn remembers his metal arm. This is also a reference to the intros in Islands and Elements, in which Jake makes a painful expression when he fist bumps Finn.
  • Finn transforms into all of his past lives seen in "The Vault."
  • Joshua calls Finn a crybaby, likely referencing how he referred to him in "Dad's Dungeon."
  • Margaret's crossbow from "Joshua and Margaret Investigations" is seen hanging on her wall by the door.
  • The word "boing-loings" is used, referencing "Hitman" where the Ice King repeatedly states that “someone got hit in the boing-loings” in an attempt to distract Scorcher.
  • Peppermint Butler takes the word "butt" as a distress signal when Finn and Jake write it on the Ouija board, referencing the fact it was used as a distress signal in "The Limit."
  • Life is seen humming part of Lonely Bones, the song from her debut minisode.
  • It seems that Jake's croak dream from "The New Frontier" did come true, which explains why this time he's in the 50th Dead World, unlike the other times he died.
  • This is the second time where Finn has an interaction with his mother Margaret since "Memories of Boom Boom Mountain."
  • Finn assumes Margaret's offer of treats is Finn Cakes, a reference to his prized snack first seen in "In Your Footsteps."
  • The many forms taken by the Lich throughout the series appear in a montage: His initial form from "His Hero" and "Mortal Folly"; the possessed Princess Bubblegum and her monstrous form from "Mortal Recoil"; the possessed snail from Seasons 3-4; the possessed Billy from "The Lich" to "Escape from the Citadel"; the skeleton Lich from "Escape from the Citadel"; the possessed Farmworld Jake from "Jake the Dog" and "Crossover"; and the Lich hand from "Crossover" and "Whispers".
  • When Jake is rummaging through Finn's backpack, the shirt with a pocket from "It Came from the Nightosphere" is tossed out.
  • Jake's awareness that the dead can make contact with the living likely stems from when Joshua contacted him and Jermaine in their dreams in "Crystals Have Power".

Cultural References

  • The 1st Dead World takes inspiration from the 9th Circle of Hell in Dante's Inferno, where doomed souls drown in a lake of icy water.
  • The Kiss of Life is likely based on the Rod of Asclepius. In Greek mythology, Asclepius was the first healer, patron of doctors, and the one who discovered how to revive the dead or 'conquer death', which is what the Kiss does.
  • Mr. Fox saying "quick brown fox" is likely a reference to the widely-known pangram "The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog."

Storyline Analysis

  • A number of details in the opening scene help suggest to the audience it is not real and a hallucination.
    • Finn and Jake's fist-bump makes a clanking sound and Jake recoils in pain as if he hit metal, despite Finn having both of his arms.
    • Finn is seen with his Golden Sword and both arms, yet his voice is deeper like it sounds in the later seasons of the series. Finn permanently lost the Golden Sword in "The Real You" in season 2 when Finn was only 12 and his voice sounded way more child-like then the later seasons.
    • Finn and Jake are speaking in the "slang" words and Ice King is kidnapping princesses. Both feel more forced in and less natural then the early seasons as the slang words (mathematical, algebraic, slamacow, etc.) became phased out as the series progressed and Ice King stopped kidnapping princesses after "The Party's Over, Isla de Señorita" in season 5.
    • The Snow Golem speaks in the baby-like voice like in the pilot though in the series he speaks in deeper voice, another indication something is off.
    • Gumbald and Peace Master appear as snow golems. Finn is never actually seen on-screen with the Peace Master and he does not meet Gumbald until "Seventeen," in the final season where he turns seventeen and already lost his arm and the Golden Sword.
    • Lemongrab, Dirt Beer Guy, Abracadaniel, Me-Mow, Mr. Pig and the Snail all appear as skeletons, though none of them were dead when Finn was younger.
      • Plus, Dirt Beer Guy was still Root Beer Guy when Finn still had Scarlet.
    • The Ice King is more villainous and sadistic than in the show to the point where he arranged to let either LSP or Turtle Princess die, whilst the other is saved by Finn. Although the Ice King has attacked people and made death threats when angered in the show, he's never out right plotted to kill people before.
  • It is unclear when exactly Jake passed away. It is implied that it occurred sometime before the events of "Obsidian," given that Finn had a tattoo of him on his chest.
  • Peppermint Butler is seen reverted back to his previous personality and appearance no longer being mentally incapacitated and baby-like following his exposure to Gumbald's lobotomy juice in "Gumbaldia." It is unknown if this happened due to some sort of manual reversal of the juice's affects or if that given that decades have passed, he simply aged back into how he was given that he was transformed into an infant of sorts.
  • Peppermint Butler has become the new ruler of the Candy Kingdom and takes care of a statue of Princess Bubblegum, although her actual status is unknown. She has either somehow passed on or, given she was living with Marceline during the events of "Obsidian", she may have moved out of the kingdom permanently.
  • In the 50th Death World, Ghost Princess and Clarence still appear as ghosts and not as their living selves, despite being dead.
  • Life seems to speak French fluently, as when she hears that New Death is cancelling reincarnation, she says "Après tout ce que j'ai fais pour ce garçon, après tout ce que j'ai fais pour lui. Non mais c'est pas possible, ce n'est pas possible. Non ça me...ça m'infurie complètement! Mais c'est pas possible." This translates to: "After all I did for that boy, after all I did for him, no, it's not possible, it's not possible no, that...that makes me so mad but it's not possible."

Production Notes

  • This was originally thought to be the fourth and final episode of Distant Lands given that most press reports promoted it as so, but Adam Muto revealed that the episode release order is based on the order in which the episodes are ordered by the network, and that "Wizard City" was ordered last.
  • This episode is dedicated in memory of voice actors Polly Lou Livingston (Tree Trunks) and Miguel Ferrer (Death), as well as crew members Michel Lyman and Maureen Mlynarczyk. Ferrer passed away in 2017, prior to production of Distant Lands, while Livingston passed away a few months before the airing of this episode. She was featured posthumously in this episode, making this her final credit.
  • This is the only episode of Distant Lands not to include the Max Original intro, nor does it feature the "A Max Original" text in the opening credits.



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