Toast Princess rules the Breakfast Kingdom with her sister, Breakfast Princess. They, like other princesses, are often bothered by Ice King and need Finn and Jake to get rid of him. Her most notable showing thus far is in "Hitman," where she is seen eating breakfast with her sister before Ice King shows up to bother them. Finn then "grounds" the Ice King, prompting him to hire someone to "hit" Finn and Jake.

She is seen again in "Bad Little Boy," where she was trapped in one of Ice King's cages, forcing them to listen to his first draft of Fionna and Cake's Saga. She is later freed by Marceline, and listens to her version of the story, before Ice King commands them to get out.


Toast Princess is a piece of toasted bread who wears a long red strap dress and a toasted waffle on the top of her head, which seems to signify her royalty. A cooked egg is placed on the left side of her head.

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  • According to CN Latin America, she wishes to be the only princess in the Breakfast Kingdom and her ambition is to get bacon.
  • She and her sister also appear in Issue 3 of the comics.
  • She is one of the few princesses who did not appear in "Princess Day."
    • This is surprising because the Princess Day event was hosted at Breakfast Kingdom, the kingdom in which she resides. Despite Breakfast Princess appearing comfortable with her in their debuts, it was unknown why she was not invited to the event as her sisters were there.
    • It was unknown if she is currently an unregistered princess due to her absence.
  • Being that her sister, Strudel Princess, became the new ruler of the Breakfast Kingdom this indicates that Toast Princess is the youngest sister.


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