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Tiny is the charcater you play as in Adventure Time: Magic Man's Head Games, this is their only appearance.


Magic Man[]

Their relationship with Magic Man consists of them being terrified at his looming behind Finn and Jake, then being turned into a massive balloon by him, and he then torments them thoughout the rest of the game.

Lumpy Space Princess[]

Their relationship with Lumpy Space Princess starts with LSP falling in love at first sight and calling them "smoothie," then saying that their "only curse is being sexy," before responding to their lack of response with "the strong silent type huh," followed her "putting these lumps in motion." She then follows them for the rest of the game, saying things to Finn and Jake like "I can't wait to tell my friends about Tiny, they're gonna be so lumping jealous," and "hey guys slow down I don't want Tiny to see me sweating." At the end of the game she attempts to sacrifice herself to save Tiny's life from Magic Man, saying "Wait, Magic W-whatever, don't you touch Tiny, take me instead, I'm the one you want," then saying "I'm doing this for us my love, we'll be together again one day" before jumping into Magic Man's arms, Magic Man then turned her into a balloon to which she responded "Oh my glob, Tiny, we can be smoothies together forever now."


In their original form they are known to be "kinda fleshy" and have "big goggly eyes" along with being about 1/4th the hight of jake, they still have eyes after being turned into a massive balloon by magic man.


  • Their appearance and original species before Magic Man's intervention is unknown, as in the game we see though their eyes and cannot see their body.
  • LSP describes them in their Magic Man induced balloon form as "sexy" and "the strong silent type"