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Princess Bubblegum listing Earth's population before and after the Mushroom War.

This is a timeline of canon events in the Adventure Time series. To take track of the events in a good way, we need a year 0, in this case, that is the Mushroom War, most specifically, the explosion of the Mushroom Bomb, so the series events happened around 1000 years After Mushroom War (A.M.W.). ~100+ means that is more likely that happened more than 100 years after, in the same way, ~100- means that is more likely that happened less than 100 years after.

Distant Past[]

  • According to the Lich, before the universe existed there was nothing, and before there was nothing, "there were monsters". The Lich, Orgalorg, and Coconteppi existed as far as back then.[1]
  • On Earth during the Cretaceous period, the Ice Elemental, Urgence Evergreen, attempts to stop a green Catalyst Comet (the Lich) from hitting Earth, but the other Elementals, Chatsberry, Balthus, and Slimy D, are opposed. The Ice Crown is created in an attempt to stop the comet from hitting Earth, and as a result of Gunther's usage, causes its victims to become like his master Evergreen; or, rather, how he saw Evergreen: someone who is constantly firing ice magic and ordering people around.[2]
  • Millennia ago, Orgalorg the warlord was banished by Grob Gob Glob Grod to Earth for attempting to intercept a yellow Catalyst Comet to gain its power. He was transformed into a penguin due to the planet's gravity.[3]
  • At an unknown time, a blue Catalyst Comet hits Earth. It is later reborn as a butterfly and a pink lump with a gold outline (a "thing").[4][5]

Pre-Mushroom War & During Mushroom War[]

  • Human civilization takes over the Earth.
  • ~1500- years ago (Medieval Times) - Two humans, Santa and Sveinn, become one of the Ice Crown's victims.[6]
  • 1809 - Abraham Lincoln is born February 12 in the United States. He's murdered in 1865. Later, he tricks Death to became immortal and is transported to Mars.[citation needed]
  • What is now the Land of Ooo (or a part of it) was the "Wut-Wut State", as shown on a food truck's registration plate.
  • ~44 years B.M.W: Simon Petrikov is born.
  • ~20-40 years B.M.W: Betty Grof is born.
  • ~5-10 years B.M.W: Betty Grof Meets Simon and cancels her trip to Australia.[6][7]
  • ~5 years B.M.W: Simon and Betty discover the Enchiridion.[8]
  • 4 years B.M.W: Marceline is born. She is the daughter of the Lord of Evil and ruler of the Nightosphere, Hunson Abadeer, and a human. Marceline was seen living with her mother in a trailer, with her father seemingly absent.[9]
  • ~1-2 years B.M.W: Simon purchases a crown from an old dock worker in northern Scandinavia and is influenced by its powers, slowly losing his sanity, memories, and personality and becoming the Ice King. The powers of the crown are seemingly the reason he survived the mushroom bomb. Upon wearing the crown, he says things that drive his fiance, Betty Grof, to run away from him.[10] Later, she'll be brought to the present by a time machine that Simon built to say sorry to her.[11]
  • ~1-0 years B.M.W: The Elementals of that time see a future vision of the Mushroom War, and Patience St. Pim freezes herself to survive.[12]
  • Year 0:
    • The Mushroom War takes place. The Mushroom Bomb kills most humans on the Earth and mutates many lifeforms. It also causes a major climate change, such as Nuclear Winter.
    • The Lich's body arises during the explosion of the Mushroom Bomb, and he begins his crusade to annihilate all life in the universe.
    • A blue Catalyst Comet (Finn), hits the earth, presumably causing the huge crater.[4]

Post-Mushroom War to Near-Present Day[]

  • 1 year A.M.W: Marceline and her mother, Elise, wander around the post-apocalyptic world until Elise dies from an unnamed illness.
  • 5 years A.M.W: Simon Petrikov adopts a half-demon girl, Marceline, and raises her in the new post-apocalyptic world until he's forced to abandon her as a result of his eroding sanity, eventually becoming Ice King.
  • 10 years A.M.W: Marceline is left under the care of her father before their relationship is strained from Hunson eating her fries.
  • 15 years A.M.W: Two Bread Tom leads a tribe of surviving humans into a freighter. Marceline, at this point a vampire hunter, protects him and his tribe, eventually becoming a vampire herself after killing the last of them all. Tom and his group of humans settle on an archipelago at the southwest of the surviving continent of Ooo and build its Guardian.
    • Still, other humans were not so fortunate — they were hunted down, killed, and eaten by vampires, oozers, and rainicorns.
  • ~200- years A.M.W:
    • Princess Bubblegum and Neddy are born by dropping from the Mother Gum.
    • Princess Bubblegum, feeling lonely, creates Uncle Gumbald, Aunt Lolly, and Cousin Chicle. Gumbald later tries to gain the power and creates a Dum Dum Juice to make her more docile and simple-minded. The act fails and the trio all become candy people, forgetting their previous identities and leading Bubblegum to the creation of the Candy Kingdom.
  • ~700- years A.M.W:
    • Shoko and her tiger go on adventures until Shoko dies during an attempt to steal Princess Bubblegum's amulet. Shoko's remains eventually grow into Finn and Jake's future Tree House.
    • Molto Larvo is orphaned and scarred by a sea predator and buries himself within the Glass Kingdom.
  • ~800- years A.M.W:
    • Magic Man's wife, Margles, is abducted by GOLB. Magic Man later magically creates a defense device appearing as Margles to protect Mars from GOLB. Magic Man hikes to Olympus Mons with the Margles device but develops feelings for it because she resembles his lost wife. She then turns into a defense system, and Magic Man tries to stop it, realizing it was made from his nightmares. This leads to Magic Man becoming "a jerk."
    • Magic Man is banished from Mars by the King of Mars and Grob Gob Glob Grod and is sent to Earth/Ooo.
  • ~950+ years A.M.W:
    • Billy casts the Lich down, imprisoning him in amber in the heart of the tree in the middle of the Candy Kingdom.
    • Princess Bubblegum creates the Earl of Lemongrab.
    • Tree Trunks travels the world, meeting Randy, Danny, and Wyatt respectively and briefly marrying each, until she settles in the apple orchard in Ooo after retiring from adventuring.
  • 985 years A.M.W:
    • Moe builds MO Co. and creates the MOs, including AMO and BMO.
    • Marceline briefly dates Princess Bubblegum. The two break up in a fight while trying to save the Glass Kingdom from an attacking Molto Larvo.
    • Marceline dates Ash and they settle in the Tree House until Ash sells Marceline's teddy bear to Maja for a potion, leading to their breakup.
    • Flame Princess is born. Her father attempts to abandon her, but Princess Bubblegum forces him to take her back to the Fire Kingdom and isolate her from the rest of the world.
    • Warren Ampersand comes to the Land of Ooo to pass on his stretchy powers into a compatible breeding partner. Warren finds Joshua the Dog and infects/impregnates him, leading to the birth of Jake. Margaret gives birth to Jermaine.
    • Finn Mertens is born on Hub Island to Martin Mertens and Minerva Campbell.
    • Martin tries to surround his home island to escape Widow, is confused by the Guardian as a Hider and has to avoid it in order to save Finn's life and his own. He leaves Finn behind on the raft, and Finn drifts to Ooo, where he is eventually found, adopted, and raised by Joshua and Margaret.
    • Susan Strong is assigned to search for and bring Finn back. She loses her memories for unknown reasons and is adopted as the Hyooman tribe's leader. Sometime after, Dr. Gross goes rogue and accidentally releases a virus throughout the Islands that kills a majority of humans and forces Minerva to upload her consciousness into a computer.
  • ~995- years A.M.W:
    • Finn and Jake's parents, Joshua and Margaret, pass away, leaving Finn and Jake's brother, Jermaine, to continue their work while Finn and Jake move into Tree House.
    • The events of "BMO (episode)" take place. BMO is sent into space to terraform Mars, only for Olive to make them crash into The Drift instead. BMO also meets Y5, and they save the space station from Hugo and Mr. M. BMO then returns to Earth, where they meet a young Finn and Jake near their new Tree House.
    • Lady Rainicorn leaves the Crystal Dimension, breaking up with her boyfriend Lee, and moves to the Land of Ooo.
  • ~995-997 years A.M.W:

Present Day[]

  • 997 years A.M.W:
    • The series begins. Finn and Jake are adventurers who go all across the Land of Ooo, helping others, going on quests, destroying evil, and making new friends.
    • Princess Bubblegum rules the Candy Kingdom, works hard and goes anywhere to protect the candy citizens. She is often assisted by Finn, Jake, Lady Rainicorn, and other people.
    • The Ice King occasionally attempts to kidnap various princesses but is always thwarted by Finn and Jake.
    • Finn and Jake go to Mount Cragdor and obtain the Enchiridion.
    • Finn and Jake go on an adventure with Tree Trunks to find the Crystal Gem Apple. After finding it, Tree Trunks bites it and disappears, having been transported to the Crystal Dimension.
    • Finn and Jake meet Marceline.
    • Finn and Jake meet Magic Man.
    • Finn and Jake meet Billy.
    • Finn summons Marceline's dad, Hunson Abadeer, to Ooo from the Nightosphere.
    • Finn and Jake are transported to the Crystal Dimension, only to find Tree Trunks now the Crystal Queen. She has gone mad since becoming ruler, but Finn and Jake remove the Crystal Gem Apple from her, reverting her back to her old self before returning home.
    • Finn and Jake meet Susan Strong.
    • The Lich is accidentally released from the amber prison. Supposedly defeated, the Lich still lives on, possessing the Snail.
    • Lemongrab comes to Candy Kingdom, where he claims reign due to Princess Bubblegum's temporary youth.
    • Prismo creates his own reality with Fionna and Cake, but he can't make his own realities, so he hides that reality into The Ice King's head and it makes him write about Fionna and Cake.
  • 998 years A.M.W:
    • Finn and Jake meet Flame Princess, who later becomes Finn's girlfriend.
    • Tree Trunks meets Mr. Pig and they fall head over heels in love with each other.
    • Lemongrab 2 is created to live with Lemongrab in Castle Lemongrab.
    • Finn gives away the Enchiridion to a Bear, who, unbeknownst to him, is working for the Lich-possessed snail.
    • Grob Gob Glob Grod comes to Earth looking for Magic Man, planning to put him on trial for his past offenses on Mars, only for the King of Mars to sacrifice himself to save Jake's life after he was mistakenly executed.
    • Lady Rainicorn announces her pregnancy.
    • The Lich leaves the snail and possesses and kills Billy. The Lich uses Finn's trust with Billy to lure him into using the Enchiridion to create a portal to the multiverse, in which he can wish for the extinction of all life. However, Finn and Jake stop the attempt. Finn and Jake meet Prismo, and Finn's wish leads to the creation of the Farmworld timeline.
    • Jake and Lady's five children are born.
    • Castle Lemongrab goes through major changes, including becoming inhabited with Lemon People. One inhabitant, Lemonhope, later leaves but returns to free the Lemon people.
    • Ice King stops kidnapping princesses.
    • Finn and Flame Princess break up after Finn tricks Flame Princess into destroying the Ice Kingdom, leaving Ice King to briefly stay in the Tree House while Gunter rebuilds the Ice Kingdom. Flame Princess also usurps Flame King as ruler of the Fire Kingdom.
  • 999 years A.M.W:
    • Finn gets the Grass Sword.
    • Tree Trunks and Mr. Pig marry, while the King of Ooo begins plotting to overthrow Princess Bubblegum.
    • The Ice King's curse is temporarily broken, and he is reverted back to Simon. He creates a time portal and accidentally brings his former fiancé Betty to the future. Without the powers of the crown, Simon begins aging rapidly and is forced to revert back to the Ice King, but Betty vows to find a cure.
    • Finn finds out about his biological father, Martin, who is imprisoned in the Citadel. He and Jake travel to the Citadel to meet him.
    • The Lich is (mostly) destroyed and becomes a giant baby known as Sweet P after being covered with the Citadel guardian blood. Martin does not care for Finn and tries to run, climbing up a giant stem with alien creatures. Finn grabs the two halves of the severed stem tighter in an attempt to prevent his father from leaving, telling Martin he won't let him escape as he struggles to hold on. The Grass Sword then takes over Finn's right arm, allowing him one last tremendous pull. Martin is grossed out by this and asks the void caster to enlarge the void. This causes so much pressure on Finn's hand that, at last, Finn's arm gives out and is severed from his body. Sweet P is adopted by Tree Trunks and Mr. Pig just as Mr. Pig was temporarily contemplating a divorce.
    • Breezy brings Finn's arm back. The arm is later revealed to actually be made from grass as a result of the Grass Sword.
    • Jake revives Prismo by trapping one of his alternate selves in a time loop.
    • Finn gets the Finn Sword. The sword holds the soul of "original" Finn, friend of the alternate Jake left to sleep for eternity. This soul is technically the original because it is a few minutes from the past, while the human Finn we follow for the rest of the series is technically future Finn.
    • Martin pilots a spaceship and nearly crashes into Mars, but Grob Gob Glob Grod sacrifices himself to divert the rocket toward Earth, mistaking it for another blue Catalyst Comet.
    • By mistake, Magic Man loses his magic powers along with his insanity, and they are transferred to Betty.
  • 1000 years A.M.W:
    • The Candy Kingdom has its very first election. Princess Bubblegum is outvoted, and her opponent, the King of Ooo, becomes the new ruler of the Candy Kingdom. Princess Bubblegum moves to the countryside and plants pumpkins.
    • Orgalorg emerges from Gunter and attempts to swallow the current purple Catalyst Comet to gain its powers but is defeated. Martin accepts its offer and disappears from the universe.
    • Princess Bubblegum cures Marceline's vampirism but, in the process, accidentally revives the five vampires she gained her powers and vampirism from. In the end, the vampires are defeated and Marceline becomes a vampire once more.
    • The Candy Kingdom overthrows the King of Ooo and gives the throne back to Princess Bubblegum.
    • Prismo sends Finn and Jake to the Farmworld to stop the Ice Finn and the Farmworld Lich from creating a portal into the multiverse with their timeline's Enchiridion. Finn and Jake cure both of their counterparts, and Finn secretly takes the Enchiridion back with him.
    • Magic Man, turned Normal Man, leaves Earth and returns to Mars, taking the place of Grob Gob Glob Grod and Abraham Lincoln as King of Mars.
    • Patience St. Pim emerges from her 1000-year hyper-sleep, which she froze herself in to survive the mushroom war. She is obsessed on unleashing the full magical potential of herself and the other Elementals.
    • The Finn Sword and Finn's grass sword/arm merge into a being, which is later known as Fern. Finn's arm is amputated again.
    • Finn, Jake and Susan Strong leave Ooo to visit the islands, in which they find out the fate of humans.
    • Finn and Jake come home from the islands, only find out that Patience St. Pim has set up a mega-elemental spell, in which all of Ooo is transformed/possessed by the elements. The act is countered by the anti-elemental lumps of Lumpy Space Princess, reverting everyone back to their "true shape." At this same time, Betty has kidnapped Ice King using the new Farmworld Enchiridion to change time and prevent Simon from wearing the Ice Crown. However, Ice King interferes, and Betty is teleported to Mars.
    • Due to the anti-elemental lumps of Lumpy Space Princess, Gumbald, Lolly, and Chicle are reverted back to their original selves and immediately resume usurping Princess Bubblegum. Jake is also briefly reverted back to his true form, only for Jermaine to help him become a dog again.
  • 1001 years A.M.W:
    • The hand of the Lich-possessed Farmworld Jake, which had fallen into the multiverse portal, taunts Sweet P, wanting the two to reign together. Sweet P destroys the hand.
    • Due to time slips set off by Clock Bear, Jake sees his own birth. Not much later, he is abducted by Warren Ampersand and taken to his supposed homeworld. Jake finds out the source of his stretchy powers and Warren's motive, which was to kill him and steal his powers before deciding to target his grandchildren. Jake throws his father into a black hole to protect his pups but is left stranded on the deserted planet.
    • Finn and Jermaine travel to Mars to seek guidance from Normal Man, now King Man, as they look for Jake. They come across Betty, and the three enter a Mars temple to undergo mind challenges. Betty was supposed to be cured of her obsession with curing the Ice King but instead comes up with a plan to save Simon and King Man's wife, Margles, from GOLB. In the process, Jake is retrieved and goes home with Finn.
    • Gumbald forms a powerful city-state called Gumbaldia.
    • The Candy Kingdom and Gumbaldia declare war on each other, beginning the Gum War.
    • Finn and Jake use nightmare juice on Princess Bubblegum, Gumbald and Fern in an attempt to call off the war. In the dream, Finn and Fern confront the Grass Demon controlling Fern. They kill the grass demon, but Fern (or simply alternate Finn) can be nobody without the grass demon.
    • The group wakes up. Princess Bubblegum forgives Gumbald and wishes to call off the war. Gumbald does not forgive his niece and attempts to betray her with his Dum Dum Juice, but Lolly stops him, tripping him and making him splash himself with his own Dum Dum Juice, reverting him back to the Punch Bowl. Lolly makes peace with Princess Bubblegum and agrees to share rule over their kingdoms.
    • Betty and King Man use Maja in an attempt to bring back their respective loved ones but accidentally summon GOLB to Ooo.
    • Finn, Betty, and Ice King are consumed by GOLB. Inside GOLB, Ice King and Betty are reverted back to their "essential forms:" Ice King becomes Simon Petrikov again, and Betty loses her magic powers. After that, magical Fionna World that was placed into Ice King's head before by Prismo, turns into non-magical. The Ice Crown is also reset to its essential form and will grant its wearer their deepest, truest wish. While Betty intends to wish GOLB away from the world, her deepest wish is to protect Simon. Betty is merged with GOLB into one being.
    • Finn and Jake's Tree House is destroyed by one of GOLB's monsters.
    • The new GOLBetty leaves Ooo and leaves the Ice Crown. Gunter wears it and is transformed into the Ice Thing, as his truest wish was to become the Ice King.
    • Fern disintegrates, and what remained of him is a small seedling in the shape of the Finn Sword. Finn and Jake plant the Fern seedling at what remains of the Tree House. It immediately grows into a new tree resembling the tree fort, with a new Finn Sword growing out of it.
    • The humans of the islands come to the Land of Ooo after nearly 1000 years of near-absence and make the flying human city, Up-Ton.

Events of Distant Lands and Fionna & Cake[]

  • Jake dies, and Finn makes a tattoo in memory of him.


  • The events of "Obsidian" take place.
  • Molto Larvo awakens from the Glass Kingdom's furnace because of Glassboy's presence and rampages the kingdom once again. Glassboy brings Marceline and Princess Bubblegum in order to counter the threat of the Glassassins and drive Larvo back to the furnace. Marceline discovers the truth about her mother's death and peacefully neutralizes Larvo with a love song to Bubblegum.

Wizard City[]

  • The events of "Wizard City (episode)" take place.
  • Peppermint Butler is haunted by his past self as he starts Wizard School again where he meets Cadebra. Coconteppi's cult plot to revive Peppermint's darkness within himself to summon him, killing Spader Petersen and Bufo in the process, only for Peppermint to overcome and expel his past self.

Fionna & Cake[]

Together Again[]

Originally, Together Again was supposed to be the last episode of the Distant Lands series.

  • ? (Many years later)
    • New Death is influenced by the Lich Hand to kill Death and become his successor.
    • Finn passes away from old age and is taken to the Land of the Dead.
    • Finn transcends into the 37th Dead World.
    • Finn finds Jake in the 50th Dead World.
    • New Death destroys the other Dead Worlds.
    • Outraged that her son was destroying the Dead Worlds and preventing reincarnation, Life gives Finn the Kiss of Life as his weapon.
    • Finn and Jake fight New Death, who reveals that he is possessed by the the Lich Hand, but soon turn against each other over the role of New Death's successor. Mr. Fox kills New Death instead and takes his place as the ruler of the Dead Worlds. The Lich's hand, one of the many copies in the multiverse, is thrown into the Land of the Dead.
    • Finn asks Mr. Fox to bring him back to a new life, while Jake decides to remain in the 50th Dead World. Jake changes his mind and joins Finn in reincarnation.

Future Events[]

  • ~2000+ years A.M.W:
    • The Ice Thing transforms into a large and completely bearded form. The jewel he used to propose to Turtle Princess was presumably taken by Gibbon.
    • The Candy Kingdom metropolis is abandoned and the giant Prize Ball Guardian starts roaming the land.
    • A Pup Kingdom is formed and becomes the dominant force in the Land of Ooo.
    • Simon's mind was placed inside Shermy for a short time, and for that time, he and Beth read book about Casper and Nova.
    • Beth, the Pup princess, becomes a fugitive and enemy of the Pup Kingdom. At some point, she starts living in Marceline's house alongside Shermy. Gibbon takes her place as ruler of the kingdom.
    • Still functional BMO narrates the events of the Gum War to Adventurers Beth and Shermy. Beth and Shermy go to the now massive tree, grown from Fern's seedling, and take the regrown Finn Sword.
    • An alien, Cuber, recounts the tales of the past through his Graybles. Later, he uses the Graybles to navigate across the ruined Earth.
    • Lemonhope wanders through the ruins of Ooo and the Candy Kingdom and sleeps in his untouched bedroom in Castle Lemongrab after his adventures.

Alternate Timelines[]

Farmworld Timeline[]

  • The world was created when Finn and Jake followed the Lich to the Time Room, where Prismo grants wishes. The Lich wished for "the extinction of all life." Finn attempted a counter-wish, wishing that the Lich never existed, resulting in the creation of the Farmworld. Jake wished for he and Finn to return home, stopping the Lich wish, but despite this, the Farmworld continued to exist.
  • Simon Petrikov uses the powers of his Ice Crown to stop the Mushroom Bomb from detonating, and he dies as he gets crushed by the bomb's weight. The crown near Simon's corpse kept the bomb frozen for next 1000 years.
  • The enraged Ice Crown unleashes an ice age upon the Earth, but humanity thrives in a less advanced state for 600 years.
  • Farmworld Finn discovers the Ice Crown and becomes the new host of the crown.
  • Farmworld Finn's ice powers sets off the Mushroom Bomb, Farmworld Jake falls in the radioactive waste and becomes infected with the spirit of the Lich.
  • Ice Finn and Lich Jake use the Enchiridion to create a portal to the multiverse. Lich Jake lied to Ice Finn, saying they will save the world.
  • Prismo sends in the standard timeline's Finn and Jake. Finn and Jake then cure both Farmworld Finn and Jake from the Ice Crown and the Lich and they are reunited with their family.

Puhoy/Pillow World Timeline[]

  • Finn stays in Pillow World. He marries Roselinen and they have two children, Jay & Bonnie.
  • Archaeologists discover a door leading back to Ooo, but it lasts for a short time and suddenly disappears.
  • Finn grows old and dies. He comes face to face with GOLB, only to be returned back to his old life where he left off.


  • The Ice King, in an act of desperation, transfers his madness to Princess Bubblegum, after which he becomes sane and she becomes a madwoman obsessed with him. He is known as the Winter King and she as the Sweet Queen, for 100 years .
  • The Winter King creates a child version of Marceline made of ice, apparently his adopted daughter.
  • Fionna, Cake and Simon arrive in that world and are kindly welcomed by the Winter King. He and Fionna fall in love, but when they kiss he ends up losing his magic and dies.
  • Candy Queen becomes Princess Bubblegum again.


  • Simon Petrikov is killed by vampires and the Vampire King acquires the ice crown [20] .
  • Marceline is adopted by the Vampire King and becomes a ruthless assassin, becoming known as "The Star."
  • Bonnibel begins an archenemy relationship with Marceline, although they apparently had a past love together at some unknown time.
  • Bonnibel, Martin Mertens and Huntress become a squad of vampire hunters, seeking to kill all the vampires but the team begins to be slowly killed.
  • Humans are on the brink of extinction.
  • Billy is killed.
  • The vampires take almost total control of Ooo.


  • The Lich makes Prismo's wish to extinguish life, but by doing so, he loses purpose and becomes depressed.
  • All organic life dies instantly.
  • BMO survives due to the fact that he is artificial life and befriends the Lich and names him "Jerry".
  • 14 Years later Fionna, Cake and Simon arrive in that world and meet BMO.
  • Fionna finds the Ice King's old crown from that world.
  • With BMO destruction and Lich's fate in GOLB dimension, Extinct-World becomes completely desolate.

Fionna-world Timeline[]

  • A water nymph saves a cat, who gives her a magic gem. That same gem turns the nymph into the Ice Queen.
  • Fionna breaks up with the Flame Prince, and she gets nervous when she sees him.
  • Fionna goes with a date with Prince Gumball, but also fights the Ice Queen.
  • Fionna and Marshall Lee perform music.
  • After Lumpy Space Prince runs from his demanding parents, he, Fionna, and Cake fight and defeat his parents. He then influences Fionna and Cake to buy for him dinner.
  • Fionna and Cake go on a cooking adventure to improve the latter's artistic skills. The Ice Queen reads to them her recursive fanfiction.
  • Fionna and Cake bring a coffin into their treehouse, and stop a mouse (disguised as a mummy) from stealing their treasures.

Adventure Time: Fionna & Cake[]

  • Fionna-world loses its magic and renders most of its inhabitants human, due to the Ice King reverting back to Simon Petrikov.
    • Fionna lives in a boring and normal world where she is fed up with living and is fired from her job.
    • Cake is Fionna's pet cat, who wishes for something more magical due to her dreams of Fionna.
    • Gary (Prince Candy) is a pastry chef who lives oppressed at work by his boss, Beatrice Buttler.
    • Marshall Lee is dedicated to playing music on street corners.
  • Fionna and Cake are transported to the Land of Ooo.
  • Marshall and Gary start dating and become a couple.
  • Fionna-world is nearly erased by the Scarab but is restored by the efforts of Fionna, Cake, and their multiversal friends.

Diamonds and Lemons Timeline[]

Comics Timeline[]

As the events in the Adventure Time comics are not considered canon, they may be considered as a separate timeline from the main timeline of the franchise.

  • Finn and Jake meet a character who is a mix of both and he introduces them to his friends, who are counterparts of his friends.
  • Princess Bubblegum creates a very sticky gum that is counteracted by Lemongrab.
  • In the future of comics things have changed:
    • Princess Bubblegum lost her right hand and became Queen Bubblegum.
    • Choose Goose offers Finn and Jake a very strange sword before walking away laughing.
    • Marceline and Bonnibel rule the kingdom together.

Season 11[]

  • BMO breaks down and Finn and Jake travel to the future.
  • 1000 years later, after Princess Bubblegum leaves on a trip, Marceline begins to lose her memory due to three robots sent by her father.
  • Marceline, Bonnibel and Simon also travel to the future and help Future Marceline remember.
  • Finn, Jake, Simon, Marceline and Bonnibel from the present return to their time after helping Marceline from the future and manage to repair BMO.
  • In the present, humans begin to settle in Ooo and Malloy, the human leader, orchestrates a false attack on the city to test Finn's loyalty.
  • Finn decides to go live in the forest and builds a house with the help of his friends.
  • It is hinted that Dr. Disgust will return, but the comic series was cancelled.


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