The time travel machine is a machine made by Princess Bubblegum that allows the user to manipulate time by logging the molecules of an object and reversing the event using the buttons on the gloves.

Episode appearances

After Princess Bubblegum demonstrates the time travel machine in a meeting in "Bad Timing," Lumpy Space Princess tries to use it to get back to when her ex-boyfriend Brad loved her. Near the end of the episode, she uses it again so she and Johnnie can return back to when they met at the tavern, but neither of these work, because, as Bubblegum states, it must log the molecules of the object before it can revert them.


The time travel machine is actually composed of two objects working together, the sphere and the gloves.

  • The sphere is yellow-green and sometimes glows when activated.
  • The green gloves have circuit boards serving as their design and representing that they're made from pure technology. One of the gloves has a timer and buttons that have two actions: to log and reverse the time logged by the sphere.


The time travel machine is used to manipulate or control time, as Princess Bubblegum states that it works by logging the molecules of an object and reversing the logged action as the user presses a button on the gloves, then the molecules transfer themselves back to that position that has been reversed.


  • As Jake says in "Bad Timing," it is not a true time machine: Princess Bubblegum just simply moved the objects around. Real time travel involves moving between different points in time in a manner analogous to moving between different points in space (See this for more information about time travel.). Princess Bubblegum actually only recorded the molecules, not the actual time.
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