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At the center of the Multiverse, there is a dimension called the Time Room that is believed to be the quasi-corporeal dwelling place of Prismo. The Time Room is a single dimension that exists outside of time and which produces time waves that are experienced by other dimensions. Some dimensions have permanent links that allow travel between them. Other dimensions get linked temporarily by naturally forming wormholes, and others can be linked artificially by magical portals, or open by items of great power, such as the gems of power and the Enchiridion. An activated portal creates a time dilation in which either end of the portal creates a temporal synchronization allowing for the safe passage of particles through a non-local region of space-time.

One specific way to get to the Time Room is by collecting all the gems from all the crowns of power. One must have the Enchiridion to activate it, turning the little sword on the cover of the book sideways. There are nine spaces intended for the gems to be put inside. Once the last gem is inserted into the Enchiridion, it will have the power to create a portal to any dimension in the Multiverse, using this room as a gateway.

Prismo grants every being inside the Time Room one wish. Anyone who hasn't made their wish that is inside the Time Room is not affected by the previous wishes. The wisher is sent into a world that the wish is based on, also changing the timeline. As Prismo says, "Sometimes a well-intentioned wish can lead to... nuts." One has to be very precise on one's wish because one could end up creating an ironic twist. Wishing for an event to happen has great consequence as it changes everything before and after it in the specified timeline; according to Prismo, potential penalties include the retrospective nonexistence of life forms or even the evaporation of worlds.


Exterior of the time room

Outside look

The Time Room is a yellow menger sponge (M1) floating in dimensional space.

Inside look

It's a square room with four exits/entrances, Prismo lying down, and a TV wall. The exits/entrances are most likely based on different dimensions. If one comes from one string of dimensions, one will enter through a certain entrance.


  • The interior of the Time Room exists outside of a person's original timeline, as Prismo explained briefly in the episode "Finn the Human." It is quite impressive in its abilities, which include being able to "perfectly observe" other timelines without the effects of "quantum observation" (or quantum suicide) and to project this observation onto an entire wall of the Time Room.