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The Three Wise Men are entities that reside in Finn's belly. In "Ocean of Fear," Finn's stomach grumbled and made a farting noise. The Three Wise Men subsequently came out in a black (wavering) limousine to confront the Fear Feaster. They appear to know a lot about the flaws of people, monsters, and animals, stating that every creature has one. The left, middle, and right resemble a scholar or mariner, a king, and a warrior with a Viking helmet, respectively. They seem to be a triumvirate that embodies specific virtues.


Finn, you are wrong. The mark of a great hero is his flaw.

Because the limo driver's flaw is being late!

Farewell, Finn. You truly are the greatest hero of Ooo.


  • The Three Wise Men represent three of the four humors: yellow bile, blood, and phlegm. Along with Fear Feaster as black bile, Finn's guts have all four humors.
  • One of the Three Wise Men has a crown similar to that of the Ice King; it has three points and three rubies in it but all are shaped as rectangles.
  • The Three Wise Men may be a reference to the Three Wise Kings from the Bible.
  • In the storyboard of "Ocean of Fear," the king's name is "Rickabaugh."