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This article is a transcript of the Adventure Time episode "Three Buckets" from season 9, which aired on July 21, 2017.

Princess Bubblegum (hologram)
Gumbald (not named)
This transcript is incomplete.


[Episode starts with an exterior shot of the Tree Fort. Jake is heard calling for Finn]

Jake [VO]: FINN?!

Finn [VO]: Yo.

[Cut to interior of the Tree Fort. Jake sees Fern, disguised as Finn]

Jake: Oh, hey. Me and BMO are headin' over to the vuvuzela store in the Music Kingdom. You wanna come with?

[For some reason, BMO looks a little guilty.

Jake: [pulls out a broken vuvuzela out of his bag] I gotta get a new vuvuzela. Someone keeps smashin' my old one. [He tried to play it, but it sounds horrible due to the mouthpiece being broken]

Jake: BMO, how could you?

Neptr: I'm the vuvuzela smasher!

Jake: Neptr?

Fern: [in Finn's voice] No, I'm the vuvuzela smasher.

Jake: All right, all right. But I'm still gettin' one. You comin'?

Fern: [in Finn's voice] Naw. Me and Fi...Fern are supposed to clean out the chicken coop today. And if anyone tries to stop me, I'll slash their flippin' faces off.

Jake: True, true. [puts away his broken vuvuzela] Okay, well, I'll see you later then.

Finn: [giggles] Holy cow! Fern, that was perfect! Yep!

Finn: You're getting new powers like every day now. Let me see you do Jake. No, wait, Ice King! Do Ice King!

Fern: [in his normal voice] Ha! Naw, man! [shakes himself back to his normal form] Imitating uncool people infects you with their loserish-ness.

Finn: Oh. Yeah, that rings true. [holds up a bucket] Too bad you didn't develop any coop poop scooping skills. That coop is incredibly disgusting.

Fern: Actually, about that, I was thinking that instead, maybe you and I could explore some secret ruins I found.

Finn: Secret ruins?! Sweet! Maybe we can still catch up with Jake and BMO, or maybe Neptr could come! Hey, Neptr, you want to go on an adventure, buddy?!

Fern: Hold on! Actually, I was thinking maybe just you and me would go spend some quality time together, Finn and Fern style.

Finn: Hmm, yeah, okay. That actually sounds like something Jake would want us to do. Ha ha! Forget it, Neptr! [laughs]

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