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"Three Baby Spiders" is a song BMO plays in "Beyond this Earthly Realm." Jake sings along, hoping the song will lure Finn out of the lamb relic. Finn, trapped in the spirit realm, is teased and laughed at by the spirits. Embarrassed, Finn claims he has not liked it since he was two years old and desperately tries to stop BMO from playing it. The spirits laugh so hard that some of the lyrics cannot be heard.


Three baby spiders,
Three bitty baby spiders,
Were playing in the sun.
The rain came down and it was no fun.
Cry cry cry cry goo ga goo.
Oh me, oh my, eyes are raining too.
The first spider drowned.
He was never found.
The second spider cried
Till he died,
But the babiest of all
Splashed and had a ball.
He grew up very tall and lived inside a wall.
Sometimes the sun shines
Even on baby spiders
And you![1]